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Grab Bag

For some reason I can’t remember, I decided all of my blog posts should be 500 words or longer — and y’all put up with it. What’s up with that? Because of that self imposed threshold, some items end up on the scratch pad because even I can’t stretch ’em to 500 words. So I cheat — here are some short items all rolled into one post. Most likely none of the items are even

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Winter Heating for Your RV - 2011 Edition

Every year about this time I re-visit the subject of winter heating for your recreational vehicle. This post from 2009 explores how we stay warm in the Old Girl through a moderate Texas winter. I am thankful we don’t try to winter over farther north in an RV. They are just not made to endure day after day of extreme cold. I do have one reader that I know of, Coal, who winters over in

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With too much time on my hands because traffic has slowed at our oil field gate guarding location, my mind has time to wander.

I try and catch the local news daily, both here in Dallas and in the Terlingua area. I think you need to know what is going on in the local community. Some dichotomous aspects of the two communities hit me yesterday and I was still thinking about it this morning when

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The Vices of Men

The last thing I will ever claim is credit for being some sort of saint. Nah, far from it actually. People will raise their eyebrows up and ask ‘ You smoke?’ and my stock reply is ‘Yeah, it’s my only bad habit.’ Which is not exactly true…. I smoke, I drink, I appreciate a fine looking woman. Sometimes I do all three at once. Ah well, it is what it is. Life is too short

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