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RV Heating 2011 -- Electrical Capacity

Me and the '96 Camaro at Nashvegas

A few years back when I was still doing the race car thing, I trekked off to Nashville Superspeedway for a weekend of racing. I took the Old Girl and my 28′ enclosed car hauler with the ’96 Camaro in it. One of the unexpected bonuses to the trip were the parking accommodations.

The 1.3 mile oval Speedway has hosted 2 Busch races and two Truck

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Readers Write - Tell Me About Gate Guarding in Texas

Reader L asks me:

Texas Oilfield Gate Guard Location

Hi Andy & Kathy, Enjoyed reading your blog… My husband Tom & I are a little older than ya’ll, 66/63 and have enjoyed fulltiming since 1999. We have also decided to keep our home and rent it along with other properties to have a second income. That being said, we still like to work a little and play a little and had seen an

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The Dealio

Let me go get one more cup of coffee so I can get amped up enough to write this post. It is 4:35am in the morning — a Sunday morning at that- and the world around me is still abed.

Scott and Billy Joe Shaver. I have met Billy Joe several times –not that he would remember. Me and Scott will sit down for a beer before it is all said and done.

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Where Did the Week Go?

I look back at the past 7 days and just have to shake my head. Where did the time go?? It is an absolute fact that the older you get, the faster the time slips away. Looking on the past week, I am disappointed in the amount of things I accomplished. Oh, I know I spent 84 hours ‘on duty’ on the gate guarding gig but to tell you the truth there ain’t that much

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