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Things Are Looking Up......... Or Are They?

Andy’s note: What follows is one of my political opinion posts. One of my resolutions for 2012 was to limit this type post on the blog . Some of ya just don’t wanna hear it and I can respect that. I am not allowing comments HERE on the blog. At the end of the post, there will be a link to the identical post on our forum. Discussion may be continued in that venue. Best

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Useless Expectations

Day breaks over an unnamed mesa

If you haven’t dropped by the MyOldRV message board, you need to do that. Got a nice little community coming together over thataway.

You wouldn’t know it but I tend to listen more than I talk. Gets me branded as ‘surly’ or ‘anti-social’ more often as not; I just blow it off. That is one reason I enjoy visiting the message boards here and elsewhere. The variety

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Scared Silly Doin' the Math

So I was runnin’ the traps this morning as usual and something unpleasant got stuck in my brain. About the only way I know to exorcise brain unpleasantries is to put the words down in the blog. Call it a brain cleanse….

For some reason I got to thinking about 20 years from now. I am -lets’ see- 56 years old now and 76 doesn’t seem that far away. Looking back, 20 years ago seems

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Readers Write: The Prince of Dogtown

Andy’s note: Regular readers will recognize Joel’s name. He is a frequent commenter and introduced me to the pleasures of GOOD Scotch whisky. I count him as a true friend. Good way to start out our guest author program as well…

The Prince of Dogtown by Joel


I met Charles seven or eight years ago at a house party. He and his band were the live entertainment for a graduation

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