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asshattery – definition: 1. Acts committed by an asshat or asshats. 2. Engagement in an activity normally reserved for asshats (see asshat)

asshat – definition: 1. Idiotic, stupid. To act like a moron. 2. One who has their head up their ass. Thus wearing their ass as a hat.

You ever notice those stars/ thumbs up dealios at the bottom of every post? Ironically, they are not related to those gold stars my kindergarten

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Taking a Step Back

I have been thinking for sometime now all this tweeting, twittering socialized media was just not for me. Seems like it is coming to a head this week…

My personal communication device

Cell service is sparse out here on the south side of the Permian Basin. Luckily, our Wilson amp is hauling the mail and the rig hands have figured that out. We usually have someone parked across the drive in what Miss

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Bad Men Least Expected

Local hangout. La Kiva Bar – Terlingua,Tx

Miss Kathy and I do our best to stay up to speed with the local news. Nothing gives you a better idea of what is going on in the local area. We still joke about the truly bad weatherman we saw on late night San Angelo TV. He would have been much more comfortable on a John Deere plowing a field of redtop cane than he

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Its' a Wrap Folks

Iraan and Alley Oop

Another week down here east of Iraan, TX — the former home of Alley Oop comic creator V.T. Hamlin. Being as how I don’t post about how much caliche dust I choked down today or how many times I let Tuco the Dog out because she had a missile in the tube, we best be moving on. Pay attention because we are moving pretty fast friends and neighbors.


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