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Adios! For a few days anyway.........

Yeah, this is about how it is…

Miss K and I were released yesterday because they had to lay the rig down for repairs at 4700′ depth. The top drive was hustled off to Midland for a rebuild and nobody knows how long that is gonna take. Since they have pipe in the hole, the crew has to stick around and will handle security.

Will we return to this location? Who knows? We

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Big Hats

Well dusted winter hat

Along about this time of year is when I swap out my winter wardrobe for my summer one. Nights are cool – not cold- and the days are starting to heat up considerable. Time to swap out the winter fur/felt hat for the straw or palm leaf hat of summer. You know the rule of you don’t wear white after Labor Day? – yeah, it is kinda like that.

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Of Mice and Monkeys

My buddy Scott aka The Fat Guy apparently shares a fear of snakes with many of my gate guard friends. Take it for granted when that warm weather roles around and the snakes come out of their winter hidey holes, the gate guard blogs are gonna be full of snake sightings and snake pics.

Scott one-upped most all others by coming up with some snakeology that was new to me –flying snakes.

I gotta

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Greener Gra$$

Moonrise over Lantern Drilling on the Stockton Plateau

Odd phenomena goin’ ’round these days according to messages gleaned from various message boards including our own Front Porch over at the MyOldRV forums. Well, really it is two distinct and different sets of circumstances.

Some noobs, waiting on assignments with the Big 3 players ( GGS, LOMA, Timekeepers) running short of funds or patience or both decided to go with some new(er) oil field

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