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Readers Write -- Mom at 81

Andy’s note: A guest post from my friend Joel. Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13,2012

Mom at 81 by Joel

Joel's Mom

After her fifth child (my younger brother Tom) was born, my mom decided to stop living her life vicariously through her husband and children. She started graduate school in her mid-30s, at the University of Tennessee. In junior high, I remember her returning from exams convinced she’d failed, only to

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Gritty Guarding

Knock! Knock! Water delivery.

It smells rough inside the Old Girl this morning. Dog farts and burnt coffee are not a tantalizing aroma mixture. Tuco the Dog loves Alpo meaty dog food but it invariably gives her gas and she finished off some Mexican food leftovers last night. That gas busting outta her dog butt this morning woulda pushed that Chinese rocket right into orbit last week for sure. I had the stovetop

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Terlingua Reprise - Hasta la vez próxima

Entrance to the Green Brute's summer home - Much more effective than a simple 'Trespassers will be shot' sign don't you think?

Red Bluff in the evening light

‘Why don’t we just stay?‘ was what Miss K said that morning. I paused ; I didn’t want to head east into the South Texas Brush Country any more than she did. I was wishing it was September instead of almost-April. I could entertain the thought of staying here north of Terlingua with a dwindling bank account if it was cool enough to survive without AC and

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Terlingua Reprise - False Hopes

The Jim Beam burned just right on the way down. I appreciate consistency.

Nine Points in the distance

Tuco the Dog and I had stayed outside until dark. We were watching the rare sight of rain-fat clouds roiling up from the west. Far, far distant thunder rolled down from Agua Fria and Saddleback Mountain punctuated by flashes of lightning. There was no sound other than the far away thunder grumbles. No birds chirping,

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