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Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride.*

A hundred times over I had done this exact same thing. Every time it was different yet the template was the same. I am talking about buying or selling a gun with a total stranger you met via the internet. A man has to make a living and when the paychecks stop every winter for a month or two , you gotta get that hustle on and accumulate a few pesos one way or another…

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Today's Significance - Reminder, Re-visited


Memorial Day 2012 — Catarina, TX

Andy’s note: Originally posted on Memorial Day 2011, I am re-posting in its’ entirety today. Already fading from memory and generally absent in any current news report, we are still actively engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We would be well reminded to think of those young kids in uniform today; and everyday.


Just reminder of the gallantry of our fighting forces on this

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This literary masterpiece was submitted as a blog comment a few days back and I immediately placed it in the ever growing digital file entitled ‘You can’t fix sTuPID.’

Mr. Worldwide said:

gate baby sit good idea ,i can do that today in barnet shale dfw area.i allso talked to a dfw locaL GARD CO OWNER TUES HE SAID HIS FRIENDS GAED CO LOST(KILLED)2 MORE GATE GUARDS IN PAST MO,IN STAR COUNTY AREA.ALLSO LOCAL RANCHERS

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The Deadly Crash at Crush

You see a blog post -usually- from me every coupla days and I guess for some readers it must seem like they appear here automagically. Not so much, let me tell ya. Most are penned in advance and then I schedule them for publishing at some future date. I have said before that I usually have a few paragraphs done in my brain prior to sitting down at the keyboard and then the words flow.

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