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The Brisket Beg

Around August 1st we will have been down in this South Texas Brush Country for 4 months on the same gate for the entire time. I gotta say the people and the country start to grow on ya after awhile. I certainly ain’t no bad place to be.

One item oft repeated is how nice everyone associated with the different crews are. To my way of thinking, each specialty crew has a different personality. The

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Readers Write - Snake Bit!

Andy’s Note: Clay and his wife are new to the South Texas gate guarding business and I count him as a new found friend from over on the MyOldRV message forum which has been quite active lately with new members. Clay had a bad experience right off the bat on his new oil field gate guard job with wore out and over extended equipment. After battling that longer than I would have, he switched

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Enough is Enough

Neighbor's Driveway – Big Bend, Texas

We live in interesting times, for a fact; I find it unsettling as often as not. I am going to try and wait to put on the tinfoil hat ’till the last minute- let’s see how that goes.

A Triplet O’ Signs had been put on me in the last week or so and I try and pay attention when that is going on. It just behooves

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The Evolving Curmudgeon

“Never attempt to teach a pig to sing. It will only frustrate you and annoy the pig.”

Have y’all figured out yet that I don’t write this blog because I am seeking fame and fortune? Yeah, figured ya had. Honestly, I don’t even care if anybody reads it or not. That way I don’t feel beholden to write something every day or even once in a week’s time. Most of the time when I have

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