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Knife Whore

I was all set this morning to continue my studying up on how to make ground squirrel / packrat snares from the frayed threads on the bottom cuff of my Wranglers. Hey! It may be the nigh PockyLips but a fella still has to eat, right? And I plan on eating most every day. Thank goodness I can relax now since some English fellas figured out how to make gasoline from thin air. I always

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No Bar Too Far

Double Cat Bone Zune Moment this morning…….

You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones from the Let It Bleed cd ca. 1969 For What Its’ Worth by Buffalo Springfield from their debut cd somewhere around late ’67 or early 1968


Yep, that is Stephen Stills in the hat before he really was Stephen-Stills-as-we-know-him. Even a shot of Neil Young later in the video before they even would let him

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Gimme a minute to find it.........

A visit from the Ranch Owner

Every day life these days seems to consist of bitty pieces of paper with notes scrawled on them that were apparently important at some point this week. Yeah, it has come down to that in order for me to remember crap that needs remembering. Sunday seems to be the day to clear through the mess and start the week fresh so let’s see what we got here——-

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Higher Expectations

Big Brown and Miss K mano a mano

One of the joys of actually being at an oil field gate guard location with an established street address is UPS and FedEx delivery right to the door of your recreational vehicle. UPS usually does a pretty danged good job in rural South Texas. FedEx tries really hard but they bumble and fumble around so bad sometimes it makes me wonder. I guess FedEx is

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