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High Desert Chronicle - Chapter 11 - Terlingua

The man sleeping on the iron bed on the porch was in the brain fuzzy state between sleep and consciousness. He could feel eyes watching him. Cold, black, unfeeling eyes burning a hole in him from the foot of the bed. As sleep retreated the man tried to think what lay close at hand for a weapon. He cracked his right eye open just a bit and through the narrow slit he saw a tin

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Apocalypse Agua

I was still puzzling over the potable water situation for the Old Girl. Ultimately, I would like to be able to dip some water up out of a cow track, run it through my filters and feed it to a miner’s canary bird with no ill effect. So I figured what the hell and fired off an email to the good folks at RVwaterfilterstore.com. Seeing as how all a y’all have been clicking the links

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High Desert Chronicle - Dulce V (Chapter 10)

Charlie Notsinneh fished the noisy cell phone out of the left front pocket of his shirt. It was an annoyance that Lori insisted on. “Yes ma’am?” he said when he saw Lori’s name on the caller ID. “Daddy, Jenny just called. Sailor’s gone.” He was already walking toward the old pickup “I’m on my way.”

Charlie and Lori knew Sailor had been fighting pancreatic cancer for the past seven months. While Sailor had not shared

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Agua Addendum

That sediment filter is supposed to be white NOT caliche colored!

The guy who drops by to pump my septic and deliver fresh water rolled in here Friday afternoon. He was supposed to be here Tuesday but they seem to have their share of equipment problems on a pretty regular basis. He had a big ol’ gringo boy with him who is his apprentice was what I was told. So the new gringo

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