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Checkerboard of Life

I do not think I have ever been as intimidated by a blank computer screen as I have been the past few weeks. I can remember when the words would flow like a spring bubbling up in my brain. Not so much now.

So in the space of the last 30 days 2 lives have been altered incontrovertibly and since we are both adults; adult behavior was observed with a minor lapse here and there.

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Life Goes On

Sometimes real life intrudes on a comfortable routine.

Plans once carved in stone vanish with the turn of a key in the ignition.

An immutable alliance turns out to be fragile as gossamer.

Intensely personal/painful/hurtful/distressful/spiteful actions that will never be spoken in public.

Issues that cannot be ignored or delayed or wished away.

Everything is will be OK. Got some things to sort through so I am going to punch out on the clock for

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Life Rears Up

I have been remiss with new postings to the blog and new chapters to the story. The want-to has been mighty hard to come by of late.

Cool enough this morning that a light frost laid in on metal surfaces and the windshield of the Suburban in that cold hour before dawn. Cool enough with a breeze out of the north that about 4pm I looked down and was mildly surprised to see I was

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Rogue of the Rio Frio

I got a phone call from My Other Brother, Tittlemouse Jones, this weekend and I thought to myself ‘What it is it now? Does he need bail money? Has he figured out how to run an internal combustion engine on what comes out of a lawnmower bag? What?’ You see, it could be just about anything with the Tittlemouse as he is acknowledged to be the smartest of the brothers. He said ‘I woke up

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