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Sometimes it takes a village....

Stripping the Suburban – glass everywhere

We put a deposit down on a travel trailer today. Hard to imagine the Easter Storm was just 3 weeks ago yesterday. I just now got around to unloading the Suburban to the bare floors. Nothing else would do to get all those little pieces of glass out. It was due for a good spring cleaning anyway. I think about alot of things these days. What if

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We Live in Interesting Times

It has been an interesting 2 weeks since I posted detailed info about the Easter Storm. Of course, reading that blog entry, you will soon realize a good part of it – down toward the end anyway – consists of a bleg. A begging blog. I asked for some help.

The Gadsden Flag–Soiled and dirty after the Easter Storm blowed it down in the caliche mud

My anticipation when I asked for PayPal

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Battleground-- I need your help folks.

Easter Sunday 2013 was nothing out of the ordinary in South Texas. A typical Spring weather pattern was in place and I had been mildly attentive to it all day. Just before 7pm, things started to get busy. It was the normal course of affairs. The air had been heating all day to fuel the storms and they were finally coming forward with a vengeance. The weather radio had been squawking about a potent thunderstorm

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