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Oklahoma Credit Card


Not a La Frontera Bandito -Just me wiping off the sweat. Honest.

Only in Texas can you get snowed on and sunburned in the same day. Weather extremes are justa kinda given down this way. Yesterday marked the first day the water heater was unnecessary for a shower….. which means it is just danged hot down here in South Texas. I watch all the rig boys, roughnecks and pipeliners going in and

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The Toll of the Task

Nomad Camp seen through a rainy windshield

Life takes up a whole lotta my time.

It is getting about that time of year when the interest in gate guarding starts to increase. Many of the folks who are planning on being down here in the Fall are getting their preparations in high gear right about now. Judging by my responses regarding our nomadic lifestyle, many folks have seen a change in lifestyle over

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Reader's Write - A Daughter's Remembrance


Note from Andy: We are fortunate here at MyOldRV to have a wide readership with many and varied interests. Back in the day. when the blog first started, it was all about recreational vehicles. Not so much now….which is a good thing.


Enjoy this guest post from VH.

I have labored long and hard over this post. I want to honor my Father and there is so much to honor and so many

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I was running the traps yesterday and one of my regular stops is a blogger and accomplished writer that lives in Upstate New York. He made the comment that none of the farmers in the area grow a garden any more. That space has been taken up by swimming pools and multiple 4 wheelers in various states of run. These farmers buy their groceries now right alongside the cubicle dwellers and insurance adjusters that live

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