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Adios Squinty!

Squinty–Miss K’s pet

We moved again this past Friday–maybe a mile or so to the second gate on this 3500 acre ranch. That is what we have been doing for the past 11 months. They were getting ready to build a new pad at our former location so the Bosses sent another gate guard couple in to set there for 2 weeks. We moved to the longer assignment where they are going to

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Not Rocket Surgery, OK?

Call Fashion 911 — Like I even care right about now.

The Dog Days of Summer is when I struggle the hardest. The drudge of the job makes every day blend into the previous one and the heat saps energy and ambition. With a new (to us) recreational vehicle there is always something to do. Straightening out the previous owner’s ‘fixes’ and upgrading the Princess Palace seems to be a never ending task.

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$1000 a Day

A summer South Texas gully washer rolls in

4:52AM after a night of steady rain and the gate is open because I don’t like to traipse out through that mud every time a truck comes in or out. Gotta keep a close eye out for the Mama Cow and her Evil Herd — they have already proved they can vanish through those open gates in a mere eye blink. All you see is

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Beatin' the Heat - Part II

Andy’s note: I wrote this Fourth of July morning but just couldn’t get into a patriotic mindset. On this day when we are supposed to celebrate our freedom from tyranny I am just not there. Seems to me like we have lost more freedoms over the last 12 months than we have gained. Vicksburg, MS did not celebrate the 4th for 80 years and I sorta feel like a Vicksburgian today. The American Flag IS

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