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So, How's that NOMAD thing workin' out?

Postcards from Camp: Hi Mom and Dad. Everything fine here. Enjoying the balmy weather. Talk to you later.

Joel, I got no excuse*. The world is rife with slackers these days and I are one when it comes to August 2013 blog posts. Sitting here pre-dawn and watching WOAI morning news out of San Antone with the sound off and captions on which works out good with my progressively worsening hearing loss. Breaking

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Beatin' the South Texas Heat in an RV , Gate Guard Style- Part III

Let me tell ya folks, nothing but fun and games and high livin’ down in the South Texas Pucker Brush aboard the Princess Palace. 6:10am on a Sunday morning and it is 86 degrees outside and the single AC unit has run most of the night. The weather forecast for the next 7 days is all too familiar for August — Clear, no chance of rain, highs 100+ every day.

An illegal gulps

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