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An Anniversary

Today marks our third year of gate guarding.

Just sayin…….

February 2011 just west of Muenster, TX workin’ the Barnett Shale for EOG.

Late Winter Shorts

Me and Tuco the Dog ON DUTY

This past Wednesday was the first official Shorts Day for South Texas. Think the temp got to about 90 or so. It is not unusual to see 50 degree swings in temperature from night to day this time of year. I got my Carhartt vest and long pants on this morning with temps in the 40s. We are expecting 70s by late afternoon. If you are

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A man can only drink so much coffee

Our neighbor across the caliche road on a foggy and chilly morning.

It is tough to describe Texas weather to them that have not actually lived through a change of seasons down South Texas way. When I am reading the various RV forums, seems like the wind is what rattles our Winter Snowbirds the hardest. Livin’ with the wind day in and day out, you get to where you don’t pay it much

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The Winner!

The Grand Champion of the South Puckerbrinster Dog Show

Tuco the Dog Goes to Eleven

My runnin’ buddy – Tuco The Dog givin’ me the “WTF Dad?’ look.

From Wiki – the AKC describes the Gordon Setter temperament as “alert, interested, and confident. He is fearless and willing, intelligent, and capable. He is loyal and affectionate, and strong-minded enough to stand the rigors of training.” Gordons are intensely loyal

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