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New York City!

NEW YORK CITY??????!!!!!!

Had a guy email me this past week that wanted to do a phone interview with me about living and working in a recreational vehicle. Well, me, Miss K and Tuco the Dog are certainly qualified to comment on that particular endeavor. Human ego jumps all over something such as this because we all want our 15 minutes of fame, right? Maybe so unless you are a curmudgeon.

I can

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Intelligent Despair

The latest from Zaycon Foods- 93/7 ground beef being parceled up for the Foodsaver bags. Then into the freezer…

Easter Sunday 2014 and we are in the middle of a full blown rig move. The Eagle Ford never sleeps. The lust for the petro-products trapped deep in this South Texas shale trumps all else.


Time was, up in South Dallas, I was 10 minutes from anything I needed. Super Wal-Mart, Home Depot,

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On that Coffee.........

Boiled coffee

Regular readers know my Miss K does not assume a human life form until that first cup of morning coffee is complete. Hey, it is what it is and a good man learns how to deal with it. Back in the day I fueled with Diet Pepsi. Many, many cans consumed over the course of a day and even a fool knows that is no bueno. Older and wiser, work smarter

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Practical History

Looking for the next truck. Gate Guarding, LaSalle County, Texas February 2014

I am not a scholarly fella. Just sayin’. Sure, I know a little about a lot of things but you won’t catch me pondering abstract thoughts the livelong day. Give me something that is broke that I can put hands on and I’ll lay odds I can figure it out sooner or later.

It is just plain consternating to me to

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