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When the Muse Doesn't Call

My Neighborhood – Local Fauna

A blog entry is kinda like donating blood. Freely surrendered in the hopes it might be of benefit somewhere, somehow. There is no anticipation of reward or profit; it is enough to further the greater good. Right citizen?

More times of late, the efficacy of the contribution is not warranted. In true hermit fashion, I tire of our early 21st century world which is dubiously the rudest and

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The Dullclivity of Life

Self portrait on a window

I have been thinking these past few days about our gate guard life. Often I am asked ‘How’s it going?‘ and the rote reply is ‘Good! My scenery seldom changes.’ Could we see our-lives-to-be in February of 2011 when we packed our goods and headed deep into the Barnett Shale west of Muenster? You can read 40 gate guard blogs and for the most part, one blog could

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Bug Helmet

Bug helmet in action



I have espoused the wearing of Big Hats since Day One as they are a needful Pucker Brush accessory. Closing out my fifth decade as I am, the price is being paid for horrific sunburns from long back in the day. There was never a drop of suntan lotion or sun screen applied back then because you know as well as I do; we were unequivocally invincible.

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All Crazy; All the Time

Back in the the Oil Patch of South Texas and the scenery seldom changes. Seems like we never left ya know. Any oil field gate guard with a few months in the saddle knows where I am coming from.

The absurdity of where we find ourselves on this day, today, in America weighs on my mind. The unraveling continues unabated and it seems there is nothing left that will slow it. Being involved in the

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