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Sloppy Joes / Mac and Cheese

It is a curious wonder to me about the nature of folks. I try my damnedest to steer clear of politics and religion here on the blog; any one of ya’s that has been readin’ me for awhile knows I am of a decidedly conservative bent. No big revelation there. Every once in awhile My Other Bro Tittlemouse will drop in and visit for a bit and when it comes to politics, religion and the

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“I knew this ol’ gal once……….”

John Doe “Tittlemouse” Jones

The following post might be total fiction, sorta kinda true or the abject truth. I ain’t sayin’……. – Andy

Got a collect call this week. When Is the last time that happened to any of y’all? An omen of things to come from decades past perhaps?

The Machine Voice said ‘Will you accept a collect call from an inmate at the Dallas County Jail? Inmate say your name.’


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Whatcha Gonna Do?

When it is bad out, I cook. I never run out of bacon-ever.

Seems like just last week I was dealing with 110 degree heat and choking clouds of caliche dust. ‘Just wait’ I said all through that hell that is the High Summer in South Texas. Just wait until Fall when the days cool and the dust lays down. Just wait until then to get all those piddling projects done that are

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A Mouse A Day

Cooking Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

It rained here in the South Texas Puckerbrush for two days straight. 2.9 inches of slow steady rain meant very little runoff and saturated ground. The caliche county road had water all the way across it for much of the 5 miles between here and the hardtop. Those folks unfamiliar with where the big holes are located found themselves in water deep enough to cover the bumper on

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