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Along that Amazon Way

“Anything mechanical breaks eventually.”

Pan seared ribeyes from HEB along with a loaded baked potato – Now THAT is good eating!

I was lounging around late Friday night in my cotton flannel camo jammies and enjoying the total absence of late evening traffic on the gate when things went absolutely haywire. Power out, crap blinking and beeping, the generator sounding all funky. When Tuco the Dog runs under the

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The Old Fool

I grew up poor in the Mississippi River Bottoms of West Tennessee. Wearing jeans to school with patched knees was just the way it was. I wasn’t the only one and I knew there were kids that didn’t wear patched jeans and homemade shirts but I don’t remember it as a big thing. Just the way it was…….

One of the events of the year was when we got a side of beef to fill

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Mud Smokin'

Smokin’ in the mud of a dreary February day

When 2014 rolled up in front of me, one of my resolutions was to become mo’ better at cookery. Cooking different things in different ways. Efficient, adaptive, resilient and tasty dishes; that was the endeavor. It was a Mission. BFF Cait can tell ya about me and a Mission. If you asked her ‘Tell me about Pops and his Missions” the likely response would

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A Coupla 40's

Workin’ a six hole frac solo ain’t the easiest thing to do but it is not impossible either. You are lookin’ at the livin’ proof. I told the landowner and the guard company I would give ’em a shout if I needed help; just leave me alone to do my job otherwise. I came close to hollerin’ calf rope but I kept thinking 6 months from now I might be kickin’ myself for giving up

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