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Blurred Days

Laundry Day

The days run together with little notice after you have been slogging it out for weeks on a gate. Is it Monday? Wednesday? Is is it September?? I usually figure out Thursdays because that is when payroll hits my bank account. Usually I remember Sundays because that is Laundry Day. I am still using the Panda Portable Compact Washing Machine; this one for almost a year now after I killed its’

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I killed a hunnert spiders

On that Amazon thing……..

MyOldRV has been an Amazon affiliate since Day 1 as far as I can be remembering. When y’all click through to Amazon off this blog right here and buy something, ol’ Jeff Bezos gives me a couple percent of the sale. Jeff is a smart fella and I am sure he is making more than the just about 10 cent I make when you buy something. On the other hand, I

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A Puckerbrush Adjustment

Maybe it is the curmudgeon in me but I enjoy the solitude of working a gate by myself – even a 24/7 gate. Most every thing I know has got a downside and the “24” part of 24/7 is just that. The bedroom of the NO Princess Palace is off limits when I am on a gate solo. I have enough problems caching a catnap when the gate alarm is mere inches from my bad

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And so it goes.........

Moon rise over the Puckerbrush

Doesn’t take long for Tuco the Dog and me to settle into a routine. After the whirlwind departure from the main gate, we find this other gate suits our mettle much better. I didn’t mind packing up my HEB bag sack with a few sandwiches, some smokes and some bottled water and reporting for a 12 hr shift at the guard shack. I didn’t mind it but I

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