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an email

this mail was sent to kathy aka miss k aka little blondie on 11/24/2015. excerpted below……..


6 weeks ago I thought Tuco was a little off. Some discomfort maybe, I don’t know. I thought maybe I was just being hypersensitive. She needed her shots anyway so I took her to the little vet in Carizzo Springs. He gave her a good exam and his best guess was a little metritus and recommended getting her

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The Resurrection of Little Blue - EPIC FAIL!

Early Summer at the Secret Hideout

If y’all have been following along, you will recall my Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator failed me back in June when I was about 100 days into the hanging out at the Secret Hideout. A fairly serious event bein’ as how the Secret Hideout is off grid and a generator was my sole source of electricity.

Now one of the reasons I bought a Yamaha instead of one

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My Way or the Highway

You been following the events of the past week? Mizzou? Paris? Obama saying “ISIS is contained”? How about toddlers using iPads or childhood obesity rates? Does this surprise me? NO. Does it startle me? NO. Am I paying attention to world and national events? YES.

Am I going to write about it?

Not directly.


Doin’ laundry

Aye God, I reckon I was a handful two decades ago. Stubborn,

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Missed the Bus

Fine looking women willingly kissed on me in public. Well, back in the day anyway,

You know those two kids of mine are gonna fall down, paralyzed with uncontrollable laughter, when I tell you how cool and hip I once was back in the day. Honest to God fact, I was a cool, cutting edge techno-savvy mamma jamma sumbitch. Truly. Ask anybody……

See, what happened was I came along about 10 minutes after

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