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Sourdough and Post It Notes

Prime Pantry to the rescue

It has been 8 weeks since I did a supply run. The last time I took Tuco the Dog to the vet as a matter of fact. Things are getting a might slim in the pantry around here. 2 eggs left, no onions, the fresh veggies long gone, plenty of bacon though which means I am not totally bereft. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime Pantry. A man wasn’t

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Snowmageddon Throwback

This isn’t the winter storm named Jonas. Back in the day, nobody ever thought about naming snowstorms. I mean, why bother??? But I guess these days if you are twitterbooking or facechatting everything gotta have a label. If you have better eyes than me, you will see the date on the front page is March 14th, 1993. BFF Cait was coming up to be 6 years old and My Boy was almost 13.

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Everything Happens for a Reason

It was the day after Christmas and my butt was planted in the Big Ass Suburban headed up north 60 miles. I told a local fella where I was headed and the what-for and he said “Aye God, that is a rough little burg!” He was born and raised in Dilley, TX and he said that back in the 70’s when Dilley played this town in football it was the dreaded game of the season.

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The Birthday Mission - Chapter 60

Rain and mud- An oil patch New Year

Saw a birthday come and go this past week – numero sesenta to be exact. Several folks called or emailed to wish me many happy returns on the day. My reply to all of them was pretty much the same. 2015 was a good year for me and I am thankful. I worked when I wished and played more than I deserved. The fellowship during

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