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Belly Achin'

Little Blue steps up when the Big Gen goes down

If I was a mind to I could find something to complain,whine and bitch about every second of every live long day. Plenty o’ stuff! Makes me tired just thinkin’ about it! Matter of fact I entertained serious thought of just skippin’ the blog today and spendin’ time with Vela Von sittin’ in the sun. But I got something to clear out of

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Spring Notes

Maintenance on Little Blue – the primary power source at the Secret Hideout

Spring is welcome here in South Texas. Renewal, new beginnings, anticipation of change; it is all good. This time last year I was just beginning what would turn out to be a 5 month long sabbatical at the Secret Hideout. Sometimes your body and soul need a good recharge and you are not even aware of it. That was the

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The Flower Garden

Puckerbrush flower garden -such as it is.

My flower garden ain’t much to look at huh? Under the drip from the fresh water fill on the NO Princess Palace gives it just that teeeny edge necessary to survive in this harsh environment. I got an irritating habit of forgetting the water is on when I fill the tank and many times there is some blow by. The wildflowers herald the start of Spring

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OK, this works.

Mi casa – Early Spring 2016. That is blackbrush blooming in the background..


Servicing the generator. I do that on a slow gate to save my supervisor the time.

Town? What’s that? I just checked; it has been 80 days since I have made a supply run. I did make a trip to Natalia,TX on 12/26 to pick up Vela Von. No store stop offs on that one. I am

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