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Little Bears

My Sis in Law getting some use out of the DTB.

I wrote some months back about my frustration with Yamaha Motorsports and the fruitless attempt to get my ailing Yamaha EF2000iS properly lined out. My solution to their desultory customer service was to plan on selling Little Blue and replacing it with a Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator. For those late to the game, Little Blue started leaking prodigious

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Another Day / Another Dollar

The days tend to run together after so many weeks immersed in the grind. I have been known to preachify in the past and admonish other blog folks to just not write if they got nothing to say. Seems to be the case today and I am going to follow my own advice.

It is spring time in South Texas and I am spending some time outside with Vela Von under threatening skies. Weatherman says

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Snake School

New Dometic Brisk Air II 15k btu unit

I have been at this location north of Fowlerton, TX for 168 days. A fair amount of time but not a record… That would be 236 days spent just a few miles from here.

You can’t live in a tin box in South Texas when the weather starts to warm up unless you have air conditioning. As a matter of fact I always recommend 2

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Gimme Hats

Gimme hat and wringin’ out a dangerous piece of black bowling equipment. Arizona Desert 2011

Friday, April 2 was the date for a supply run to Lytle and a vet visit for Vela Von. The last time I went after groceries was 90 days ago and truth be known, I could have made it a coupla more weeks with what was on hand but chicken, beans and rice were getting old. The one

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