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Memorial Day 2016

I saw this on TV a few minutes ago “Happy Memorial Day!” WTF? Have we completely lost it? I am pissed. I am incensed. I am out of the frame.

Michael Avery Pursel’s mother grieves at his grave. He died in Iraq in 2007.

You remember our fallen heroes today if you are a Patriot. If not, you go to a barbecue or the beach or the Mall because you got the day

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Has the worm turned?

The Palace at dusky dark

Silly stuff I noticed this week…… You can get a night light for your commode that comes on when you raise the lid. The 2016 F-150 comes with back up assist which looks like it tells you how to back up a trailer on a screen or something. OK, so people have gotten along just fine for decades turning on the light in the bathroom if you gotta

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Too long in the saddle?

Out and about

Y’all know I am set to get by alone more so than most. 6 weeks since the last time I made a supply run and when I emptied one of the 40lb propane tanks on the snout of the NO Princess Palace a week or so ago, I knew it was time to go to town. I called up my fill-in girl and a date was made for Friday. Like

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Trapper Cabin

Spring in the puckerbrush

Been talkin’ to somebody about the ins and outs of gate guarding south of the Burrito Border and when the subject of suitable RVs came up I said “think about a trapper’s cabin on wheels.” Ya think maybe I been watchin’ too many Alaska reality shows on NatGeo? Y’all know I am a fool for that DISH TV and a hunnert movie channels. But you know when I look

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