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About a Dog

Walkin’ Dog

Had it in my mind today not to even do a post because one of my rules is if you got nothin’ to say it may be best to just not say it. But then I got to thinkin’ if I didn’t post some of y’all might think I was layin’ beside a mesquite stump dead of heatstroke or maybe bit by a buzz tail; so I figured it best to

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Deceit by Omission

A motley assortment of Fiestaware

Little Blondie collected Fiestaware among other things. She had hundreds of pieces in rainbow colors stashed here and there. What little bit I saw her sell did not prove profitable if I am remembering right. When she blew out of here, kitchen goods took a particular hard hit. No silverware, no cuttin’ knives and a paltry selection of dinnerware was what I ended up with when the dust

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Red or Blue?

Hamilton Beach Brew Station

It was time to update the coffee pot onboard the NO Princess Palace. The old Hamilton Beach single cup brewer had been a good solid workhorse but everything mechanical wears down sooner or later. I had begun to resent the effort to brew a single cup, clean up and recharge the pot and do it all over again for another cup. When it started pukin’ and burpin’ water out

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Flat Frogs

Vela Von @ 8 months

That Vela Von is workin’ on my last nerve. When it rains down here in the Puckerbrush, nature kicks in a turbo charger or somethin’. Overnight it seems the air is full of gnats and skeeters and other insect UFOs and go outside about dark thirty and the gnats are so thick you can’t hardly catch a breath. And mucho frogs. You never see frogs around a parking

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