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Stubborn curmudgeon - I ain't budgin'

This is not to brag just so’s ya know but the last time I was out of here for any reason was 66 days ago -5/27/2016. No trips to the HEB, the corner cold beer store or the post office. Nada. Mind you, nothing has prevented me from going except my own want-to.

Homemade bread -pictures don’t lie; I really cook!

A normal supply run means beaucoup money spent. Groceries, fuel, some jingle

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Checkin' in


Just the facts…….

San Antone forecast – my temps usually run 3-5 degrees higher

It has been 52 days since I have been offsite for any reason. A supply run is approaching critical mass.

I have been on this gate for 266 days straight without a day off.

This time last year I was winding down my time at the Secret Hideout and if I

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Drowning in Chinese Crap

BUY AMERICAN! Yeah, sure, good luck with that!

CAMCO Chinese crap

Honest, I try my best to source American made goods whenever I can even if it costs a bit more. About all I got left to do that might make some sort of miniscule difference is voting with my pocketbook. All I got to say is that it is getting harder and harder especially when the

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