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This, That and This Again

Pork loin brinin’ in the RV fridge

I’m gonna start off by shootin’ out a reminder that it is my firm conviction everything you know can’t be learned on Google or youtubes. If you got in mind to learn some new mad skilz you need to be doin’ it now while there are ample resources to replace what you break and all info is still readily available when you need to re-group.


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Good to Go

Danby chest freezer defrosted and empty

I was sittin’ around last Tuesday evening when I got a text from Marciegirl. “I am off tomorrow. Do you still need me to fill in while you go to town?” Pshaw!! Is a 50lb baby fat?!?

In reality, I had given up on a supply run for the week and when you are running close to the edge like I was; you best double down. That

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Policy - revisited

ed. note: This originally was posted sometime late spring of 2012. I can’t say my viewpoints have softened one iota. If anything, the curmudgeon factor has increased. If nothing else, some of my ideals have been mightily compromised by factors and agencies I do not control.


“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.” – Mark

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The scenery hasn't changed

The pertinent chronology out of the way first:

101 days since I have left the property and been on a supply run.

315 days since arrival at this location; also corresponds with my last day off.

Vela Von at 11 months –

I had best intentions to go get groceries last week; honest. My fill-in girl was otherwise engaged working out of a 12hr shack at

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