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One Year and One Year

A Hound of the Puckerbrush at home

Vela Von – Hound of the Puckerbrush – is one year old. I have been on this gate 24/7 for one year straight.

The arrival of more agreeable weather is welcomed. Most evenings now Vela Von and I set out until well after Saturn turns bright in the southwest sky. She enjoys playing unbounded as a dog is wont to do and

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Basic Instinct

Future Italian coppa

I took a boston butt (pork shoulder) out of the freezer this week and prepped it for curing. My intention is to dry cure it for Italian coppa. If you were a Soprano’s fan, they call it gabagool in New Jersey. So have you asked yourself yet if I have gone over the edge? Too long in the puckerbrush maybe? Well, it is like this…..

In January of 2012, I

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**CAUTION** - Trigger Warning

Hofstra warning at last week’s Presidential debate

The following may contain triggering and/or sensitive material and quite possibly NSFW content.

OK, so if you were born after 1985 and do NOT have a knife clipped to your pocket this very moment -OR- if you are one of the 130,000 self-described ninjas on LinkedIn or YouTube; it might be best to skip down to our normal, mostly PC content.

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