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Readers Write - Lunch with Granny

Old friend Miss V has shared a story with us today. Me and her sabe same same on most things. She smiles if you call her West Texas Oilfield Trash because you have to earn that label.

Before we get to that I want to share a parable I read in a blog this week. Gonna paraphrase……

Crane, TX today

Two millenial brothers. The oldest one decided early on the ‘American Dream’ was

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The Puckerbrush Irregular - Vol. 4-17

Brush Country Cowboy

At 4:14am this morning, the driveway alarm jangled me out of a deep sleep. Vela Von and I snapped to and peeped out the window ’cause you just don’t rush out the door helter skelter at that hour if you are smart. I could make out a vehicle with no lights slowly inching closer to my dark gate. The motion detector light triggered and illuminated a non-oilpatch flavor older Dodge

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No Groceries - No Bueno!

The crime scene – The holes in the roof went clean through 3/4 plywood!

Easter Eve 2017 – Tomorrow marks the 4th Anniversary of the Murder of the Old Girl. Lookin’ back now you know what sticks with me most? The way all of y’all stepped up and opened those pocketbooks to help out during my unexpected financial crisis. No RV = no paycheck; serious business! In the short 2 week period I

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Fabric of Life - The Flower Path

In the space of two weeks, this became………

The morning dog romp is in the books and I am all jacked up on that Community Coffee. Seems like a good time to try and arrange some electronic ones and zeros into what eventually might be a weekly blog post.


I like to count time; sometimes the days blur and I have trouble recalling if it is Wednesday or Saturday………….. so I count.

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