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Mean Boys

The rhythm of work has settled in at the job site outside of Calvert, TX and whenever that happens, the blog posts dwindle in number.

Some readers may think I enjoy the harsh environment at some of our more remote job sites and they would be right. Some readers may think I am just a cheapskate and prefer not to pay for a spot in an RV park and they would be right… and some readers might think I was just a tad bit anti-social and they would be right as well. All of the above are factors that lead me to park the Old Girl at our job sites with the additional benefit of security.  With over $2 million in equipment on the ground, we deemed it prudent some time ago that an onsite presence was beneficial in that regard.

I first met Neighbor John the second day I was at Calvert.  He drove in the open gate to talk to me about electrical service.  He owns the place across the road and wanted to get his electric service installed when we did ours to save some money.  Neighbor John is a working man

Neighbor John

and was anxious to get a start on his house project. A few days later, there were 2 bottles of homemade blueberry wine at the gate and Neighbor John waved at me when I came out of the Old Girl to see who was at the gate in the brown Chevy pickup truck. You just have to appreciate good people like that.

I didn’t see Neighbor John except in passing for the next 2 months. On Monday, I was returning from a supplies run to Hearne and was opening the gate when somebody hollered “Hey Neighbor!”; it was Neighbor John. He was waiting up on the road for the Robertson County Sheriff to arrive. It seems someone had made off with his Honda generator overnight at his home construction site. He was convinced it was one of the mean boys who lived down the road and had been helping one of the carpenters build his house. I chatted with him briefly and left when the Sheriffs Deputy arrived. It was unsettling to think we had low life trash of that type living within a few miles of the job.

On Thursday morning, my bro and I popped out of the woods on the Mule to see a 20 something Hispanic male standing by our fuel trailer and all of the equipment. My first though was that he had climbed over a locked gate to get where he was. Now before anyone accuses me of racial profiling or anything like that, bear in mind I am just stating the facts. He was a Hispanic male, nothing more than that needs to be read into the statement. He told us they were delivering insulation to Neighbor John in a box truck and had swung too wide trying to get in the driveway. The box truck was stuck in the ditch and a passerby had informed them there were some guys just down the road with dozers working on a job. Maybe they could pull them out.

Well, we did take the 750C up there and snatch their old box truck out of the ditch but we sure were not happy about it. We try to keep a low profile at all times and we never flaunt our presence. I was watching the young Hispanic’s eyes as he asked for our assistance and he was definitely taking in all the stuff we had parked in the equipment area.

Texas has two laws on the books that afford the property owner the right to use deadly force. One of them is the Texas Castle Law and the other one is the oddly named Nighttime Mischief Law.   The question of course is whether property would be worth the taking of a human life.   I have mulled that over time and time again and cannot give a succinct answer as to what my actions would be.  I will tell you anyone crawling over a locked gate on my watch would be deterred if discovered.

END NOTE:  Reader Kathy turned me on to this and it rocks hot!  Stop the Bus by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Red Rocks.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

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