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I sure have missed my Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO amplifier. It failed as all mechanical things eventually do.   The bidirectional cellular amplifier is a necessity — not a convenience in my RV boondocking environment.  Since the demise of the Wilson Amp I have been dealing with a signal that fluctuates between -95 and -109dbm.  Think in the terms of it taking 15 minutes to upload a blog entry.  It was excruciating but what are you gonna do?  Excruciating but better than the alternative of zero internet access.

When I called Wilson with the dead amp and they gave me instructions for its’ return, I figured “Well, here we go.” Say anything to get a customer off the phone and then actually deliver about 60% of what you promise.  We  have that problem these days you know.  A collective “We” as in the American Public at large.  We have been conditioned to expect less than is promised. Sadly, the conditioning also includes “Us” ( the collective thing again) accepting the fact that lesser expectations are OK and we should not make waves and rock the boat.  How is that for savvy marketing?

So Wilson Electronics Customer Service told me to return the toasted amp and they would send out a new one as replacement.   I  departed from consumer sheep mentality for a fractional moment and actually asked the customer service guy what the expected turn around time would be.  A bold ass move, no?  🙂  He said two weeks.  Yeah right Wilson dude, Whatevuh!

So the new 801245 Wilson Amp arrived in 13 days.  Brand new in the box.  I had to wait until this weekend

The replacement Wilson 801245 SOHO amp

to trek up to the sticks and bricks in Dallas to pick it up.

First order of business when I got back to the Old Girl today was to hook it up. The signal immediately improved from 0 bars to 2-3 bars with a signal strength of -79 to -83dbm. Oh yeah, back to a usable connection!

One of the oft repeated cliches is ” You get what you pay for.”   It has never been more true than in this case.  Wilson Electronics Products are not the cheapest on the market — they are the best in my opinion.  Then you add jam up customer service on top of a quality Made In the USA product and how can you lose?

END NOTE DOUBLE SHOT:  A double shot is as rare as a North American total eclipse of the sun or winning the Lotto and the Powerball on the same day. It only happens when I am feeling especially energized.  Pay attention to Double Shots, they just might be life altering.  Good music does that – sometimes.

DS #1 – No Kinda Dancer by  Robert Earl Keen from the No Kinda Dancer album. No Kinda Dancer is the first album by Texas-based Folk singer-songwriter Robert Earl Keen, originally released in the United States on Sugar Hill in 1984.  Who can remember when everyone in Texas did not know who REK was….. well, here ya go. I like the uncluttered and pure sound from back in the day. It is SO Texas.

DS #2None of Us Are Free by Solomon Burke from the Don’t Give Up On Me album.  Solomon Burke has been performing for half a century and he can still move me.  Worthy of a double shot on this night — and then some.

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