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Life by the Drop

We are standing down today– the weather is hot and humid with no rain chance in the 7 day forecast. Looks like a high pressure cap is dominating the weather scene and when that happens, thunderstorms are unable to form. Everyone has to take a break sooner or later.

On the To Do list today is laundry….

The Laundromat

I carry 3 weeks worth of work clothes so when it is time to do laundry it sorta sucks; actually it really sucks. Now, as you would imagine, I have been in laundromats of all types over the years. I don’t have Calvin Klein outfits or Bill Blass suits but sometimes the harsh laundromat conditions do get the best of the Wranglers. The locations have run the gamut from dirty decrepit holes to state of the art porcelain and stainless steel. I have been in places where they do not have anything but cold water, places signed outside as a ‘Washaterrier’ (I don’t make this stuff up ya know) and places so vile that I deemed it prudent to wear dirty clothes rather than attempt to clean them.

My view from the bench at the Calvert Laundromat

The laundry at Calvert is like businesses in so many small towns in Texas. It is ethnically owned. I would guess the owner, who is very pleasant, is of Middle Eastern descent. I do not know why so many of these small town businesses attract ethnic minorities. I would surmise it is because they are cheap in these sleepy little towns, it is a good place to raise kids or it is financially feasible because the whole family works in the business. Most likely it is a combination of the three. The guy here owns a convenience store, the laundromat and a car wash all in the same little complex. The machines are not new though only one is taped shut with masking tape and marked ‘No buena’. The place is impeccably clean and I was laughing just now as one of the children, maybe a boy of 7 years or so, struggled to wheel a can of garbage to the dumpster. It was easily 2 feet taller than him and loaded down with collapsed cardboard boxes. He was a game little trooper let me tell ya. It was obvious he had done this chore before.

We are such a rich country in fabric and texture. No one race or culture could have possibly formed the strong backbone of independence and willingness to fight for what is right that America stands for. I think the politicos in Washington need to spend some time sitting with me on the bench at Calvert. Things would become crystal clear for them in short order. Ain’t gonna happen — but it is a nice thought.

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  • LOL….thanks for reminding me. I’ve got 2 weeks worth.

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