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Air Conditioners Running Hard....

18 days straight of temps over 100 degrees and it finally broke a little bit today — the official temp was 97 degrees.

Texas Heat Wave

Not a record by any means but by God, it has been plenty hot for me. Luckily, I sorta got ahead of the curve at the first of the Summer and installed an everyday window air conditioning unit in the Old Girl to augment the cooling capacity.

You see, a 30 amp coach only gives you the capability of running one rooftop AC unit at a time. You can run BOTH air conditioners at once if you are running on the generator but if you are on shore power, one AC is all you get. You can modify the wiring and set it up to run both air conditioning units at the same time and I have done that. But even with the modification, you need two power sources to run the two air conditioners.  I only have one 30 amp hookup out here in the boonies outside of Calvert so it has been one  rooftop AC unit for the duration of this heat wave.

The cooling capacity of the Old Girl has been tested to the fullest this summer.  One AC unit or the other has been running 24/7 since May.  I am surprised I have survived it as well as I did.  The last 2 weeks has been sorta funky though.  Normal routine is to run the rear AC unit during the day when all activity is in the front of the bus.  The front air conditioner is run during the night.  It really cuts down on the noise level.  It is really dusty here and the dust finds its’ way inside the Fish Bus inexorably.  I try to keep the mesh filters clean but sometimes I fall down on that job.  Add to the problem — I smoke.

In the past 2 weeks I have noticed an odor when I switched from one AC unit to the other that smelled very similar to what a full grey tank smells like  — you know that sour, rotten egg smell.   The  Internet Commandos on the RV forums will tell you it is a bad vent in the drain line under your sink or the rooftop AC unit is pulling in the odor from the roof — that particular one is horseshit.  RV rooftop AC units only pull air from the inside of your RV – period.

The problem is a dirty condenser.  Pure and simple.  I deal with it all the time on our heavy equipment.  The solution is an aerosol , foaming coil cleaner that is available at most auto parts stores.    Pop the cover off the inside cover of your AC unit, lay a towel on the floor and spray that thing that looks like a radiator liberally with the foam.  Let it set for several minutes and then wipe off the excess.  When you turn the AC back on and condensation forms, the foam will continue to clean the condenser and the residue will drain out the drain pan.

Here is the money tip.  Take some dryer sheets – I like the ones that smell like Febreeze.  Lay  2 of them on the outside of your filter and put the grill over the op of them.  When they get dirty or quit perfuming the air, replace them.  Cheap and easy.  It will also keep the mesh filter much cleaner.  Sure has made my life easier!

End Note: Cheap Whiskey by Patty Loveless from the Mountain Soul album.  I am not a Patty Loveless fan but this CD from several years ago gets played quite often.  If you ever wondered what it was like in dirt poor Appalachia, this will clue you in.   Disclaimer: You can’t dance to it.

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