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Piddlin' and Sweatin'

Still takin’ it easy here in Calvert waiting on this job to wrap up and the next one to start in North Dallas. I think I will head up to North Dallas Tuesday to see what the RV facilities look like. I think the owner is going to have to make some power mods to accommodate us. I would rather him do it now instead of after I arrive. It is too danged hot to have to run the generator for AC. The new job is going to be a change. We have not been in North Texas for over 3 years and that is home country. Plus, this is a small acreage — 16 acres in the middle of a bunch of subdivisions. I may have to modify my behavior somewhat. 🙂

First order of business

Wasp nest on the 'fridge vent

was to take care of that wasp nest in the refrigerator vent. I had murdered the flying beasties the previous night with bug spray — making sure the refrigerator was OFF when I fogged those rascals up. Bug spray is flammable. I screened the vent on the inside with screen wire 2 years ago. Cable ties to hold it in place and some Alabama chrome to seal the edges. It had held up well and only cost me about a quarter — compared to $10 for a store bought one. It had done the job. Those flying hellions had built between the screen and the vent. I can live with that.

nasty old wore out window seals

Next up was the two side windows at the front of the Old Girl. For some reason, these window seals have never been up to snuff. The rest of the windows are good — these seals were very deteriorated and had been known to leak. The original seals are butyl rubber which is installed as a type of gasket when the window is put in. I was not about to remove the windows and redo the seals. I am convinced the environment is a bigger enemy of our recreational vehicles than age. Age effects the fluids in your driveline and the belts and hoses. Anyone buying an older RV should replace these items right off. The extreme Texas heat and the unrelenting UV radiation is what really messes with an older RV.

I scraped the excess rubber seal off and applied a silicone bead around the window frame. There is a special art associated

Laying the caulk down

with caulking. You gotta remember caulk always gets bigger as you work with it. Keep messing with it and it will end up a foot away from where you started. Here is a trick — lay your bead of caulk down and then spray it 4-5″ out with Windex. When you spread it out, any excess will wipe right off. Lay down just a narrow bead — most people squirt WAY too much caulk out to start with.  The other thing is use is one of those caulking tools. I like them because they spread the bead SO evenly. When you get the bead spread out, turn the tool over and use that sharp little rubber edge to scrape the excess off. With the Windex on there — it will come right off.

So after all this strenuous work it was time for a Mexican Siesta — I enjoy these off days with no specific schedule for a change.

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