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Incoherent Ramblings and Disjointed Thoughts

Why is it when you have time to get out and bum around you don’t have the extra funds? I guess I need to work more, huh? Then I don’t have the spare time to bum around. What a vicious circle! So this entry is just a disjointed series of miscellaneous thoughts and random events — none of which alone would meet my minimum word requirements for a stand alone blog post.

That damned LaCie drive…. I have been using this slack time trying to get the Zune player back up to date since all my music went to hardrive hell when the first LaCie failed.   I plugged the new LaCie in when it came back and let it grind away for several days before I decided to put music on it.  Worked like a champ  — now the worthless Made in Mexico POS is doing the same thing as the old one…. after I spent countless hours downloading replacement Zune content.   Right now I have just about had it.  I am transferring the LaCie content to an old Maxtor external drive that is 5 years old.  It is a antique 250 gig behemoth but it works!  A call to LaCie is on the list of tomorrow’s business.  I would still heartily recommend the Zune  – I have the 120  gig model.  It failed after it lived in my front shirt pocket for several days of shirt drenching sweat.  On the day it died, water was running out of its’ innards.  Muddy water at that.

Went to the new jobsite in North Dallas on Tuesday.  Gonna be different for sure.  Only 16 acres and the eastern property boundary is the back yards of 10 substantial brick homes.  It felt odd.  The RV parking logistics are a challenge.   The septic system is located at an old home site that was bulldozed away.  Power is 100 yards away in one direction,  water is 150 yards the other way.  As with all of out jobs, the client is super nice.  I gave him a half dozen options and he said he was on it.  We will see what the changes are when the Old Girl heads north in a couple of weeks.  I lived close to there for 10 years and I had forgotten how the wind does blow.  The Stetson had to stay in the truck during the visit — I felt nekkid.

Been studying up some on West Texas.

Joaquin Jackson

The lure  of the area is strong.  A strong sense of individuality permeates the region.  Suits me fine.  Land is cheap because a goat would starve on 20 acres.  A  hard life in a harsh setting.  But maybe I need that after years of fat and happy and a disconnect from true reality.  Specifically I am looking at the Big Bend Area — Alpine, Marathon, Presidio area.  Down on the Border….

Terlingua,TX cemetery

A couple of interesting observations gleaned from blogs and forums and newspaper articles.  Brewster County, Texas is the biggest county in Texas.  The size of Delaware X2.  8600 residents on the 2005 census.  From one of the forums, ” We don’t have any of that white trash cooking meth down here.  We just didn’t put up with it when they tried us.”

It is the land of Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson.
I figure I could fall off down toward that Big Bend this Winter in the Old Girl during our work break and boondock while I checked out Terlingua and Stillwell Ranch and Adobe Walls. The Northern edge of the Chihauhaun Desert, peaks over 7800 ft, ocotillo and juniper and prickly pear.

Well. I guess any post with the title ‘Incoherent Ramblings’ has to have a little bit of Soapbox content as well.  The reason for me looking to West Texas is because I feel uneasy.  My bro and I talked at the end of last year and both agreed that even though our elected officials were saying we were at the bottom of the worst that could happen, we had not seen the worst.  I feel that is true as I write this; we are heading toward a new low that will surpass the abyss of the last quarter of 2009.   After voting a straight Republican ticket my entire adult life, this past 18 months has left my with a steadfast distrust of anything a career politician utters.  They are elected by lies and grovel at the feet of big business and the lobbyists.   We are truly in deep shit… and I cannot for the life of me see a solution that even remotely resembles the world as we know it now.

I am not one of those Preppers or Anarchists but I  do believe we are in for radical changes and I will see it in my lifetime.  I am figuring the Federal government is going to collapse to a certain extent – an implosion due to sheer weight and disenfranchisement of the rank and file American.  If you live anywhere in the Northeast corridor or a major Metro area,  the tentacles of the Feds will probably still encircle you.  For the rest of us in rural America, I think we will be left to our own devices like an unwanted stepchild.   The Feds would not have the resources or the inclination to expend energy to coerce us any longer. Regional governments would rule the day; much as it was before the Great Depression.  What better place to be than Texas – specifically West Texas if that day comes?

End Note: Every one in awhile I get ahold of some music that rolls up on the Zune and I think I am going to have to pull the Suburban over to deal with that WTF??? moment.   I download music on my Zunepass for free.  $14 and change and I get to siphon as much music off their servers as I want.   Honestly, some of it I never listen to .  But some of it just makes that big ass Suburban hit the shoulder.  Isn’t that the nature of good music?  It is supposed to move you and make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

So the album I am talking about is Southern Horror by Javi Garcia from Weslaco, TX.    Steve Earle and Ryan Bingham before they sold it to the Man.  Rod Stewart when it was still Faces with Rod Stewart.  Chris Knight if Chris Knight wasn’t from poor ass Appalachia.  Worth a listen and then some.  How often have I End Note-ed an entire album?

“Cheap or high dollar, A whore is a whore.”

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2 comments to Incoherent Ramblings and Disjointed Thoughts

  • Dang, I saw Javi Garcia a few years ago in a beer joint here in San Antonio, boozing with buddies and chatting up the birds. When I saw a band getting on stage, I thought to myself, what fresh hell was I about to hear? And then proceeded to be slightly amazed at what they produced. I see he’s playing all weekend up in New Braunfels. Might need to have to make a run and go see them again, grab a CD.

    It’s almost funny. People say Prepper these days like they used to say Survivalist, like wanting to Survive or Prepare deserved ironic capitalization. As a Boy Scout, I was taught to Be Prepared, and it’s a lesson I’ve tried to live my whole life. I took it as a duty to keep the fires burning, whether it was for me alone, for my family, or for my tribe (which I consider to be Texas-American.) All of that is to say, if you think things are going non-linear, isn’t it your moral duty to Be Prepared? (Is that question too serious?)

    What really is funny is I found your blog while researching 12v systems for a 40 year-old travel trailer that was totally busted down, and mostly still is. Or, Prepping. I’ve learned a lot from reading here, too. Very serendipitous, like Javi on a boozy weeknight.

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    • admin

      Good stuff Scott.

      I was wondering if anyone would key in on the Prepper comment. Our world is fixing to change.

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