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An Angry Young Man

I read a variety of blogs and forums each day; I call it Running the Traps.

The Old Girl on a hot August day

Back in the day, I read a real newspaper every day. I haven’t read a newspaper in years. The blogs and forums mirror my interest. RV stuff, firearms related things, Texas lifestyle essays; that kinda stuff.

One blog I read is by a young guy who lives down on the Redneck Riviera around Corpus. He has little personal info on his blog but by reading him now for sometime, I get the feeling he is a single guy and maybe mid 30’s at most. And he is plenty pissed off. Seems he is mad at just about everything and here lately, his content has become so poisoned, I wonder why I even bother any more. He writes about his “drywalled suburban prison”, he rails against “The Man” and paying taxes and Corporate Greed. One recent post finally got the best of me and prompted me to editorialize on the selfishness and immaturity he shows. To paraphrase, he commented that our freedom to travel is restricted by the landed gentry -the Forces of Nice as he put it. We couldn’t be gypsies or vagabonds anymore because these influential few were too protective of their little kingdoms. They shunned the travelers because we devalued their ” over-inflated property values”.

Well, that got my goat. The last time I checked, the majority of Americans are permitted to go about their daily lives pretty unfettered. Especially those of us who spend the majority of our year living in a recreational vehicle. But this angry young man still interests me – simply because his idea of what America owes him seriously clashes with my idea of what America offers me.

None of us have to live in a particular city or neighborhood or house/apartment.. we choose to live there.

None of us has to work at a particular job. With the exception of our kids in military service, I reckon each of us could turn in our notice tomorrow and go work somewhere else.

Seems like alot of the younger generation is carrying a heavy debt load — as is this young man. It was the nature of the beast I guess back in the high flying 90’s and the first part of this century. Easy credit and spend like there is no tomorrow. Me? I have been well off and I have been hardscrabble poor. I sorta like poor better. It takes too much energy to spend all that money and live that lifestyle. Fact of the matter is, the debt this kid is carrying is 100% on his shoulders. Nobody made him spend himself to the point of no return.

So I am reading his poison and feeling the heat of his anger and tasting the bile of his hatred and it scares me just a tiny bit. His solution to every problem is to solve it by force and he is so very positive he is on to something that will save the Republic.

As regular readers know, I am no fan of Big Government and I am not all that thrilled with the current state of affairs in the good ole USA. This kid’s vision of America is definitely a place I would not want to live. The strong would oppress the weak, equality would be measured in guns and ammo and any semblance of Rule of Law would evaporate. Think Mad Max or the Mongol Hordes or Feudal Lords. Instead of championing individual liberties as he espouses, the actuality of his world would fling us back to a time before the Magna Carta.

Well, there is always a good and a bad. The bad would be if his ideas of changing The World as We Know It gained traction. I know there are thousands more just like him. The good is that I am pretty sure I know his kind. He is the kid that got picked last in basketball, he is the kid that immersed himself in fantasy role playing games.  He is the kid that did not have a strong male role model growing up.  Anonymous blogging lets him be the macho, muy importante hombre he can only dream about being.

Oh well! I am just going to go back and try to enjoy my little corner of the world.

End Note: After getting all worked about the Angry Young Man,  I needed some attitude adjustment.  I plugged the earphones into the Zune and grabbed a beer. Keep On Keepin’ On by Jack Ingram from the Live at Billy Bob’s CD came up.  Things happen for a reason you know!  Any way, back in the day,  Jack Ingram and the Beat Up Ford band were pretty much as good as it got here in Texas.   Then it happened.  Some alien hillbillies from Nashville kidnapped Jack and sent the Beat Up Ford band packin’.  They sucked his brains out through his ears and replaced it with some oatmeal/pablum/ cream o’ wheat mess.  Now he is just another Trashville pretty boy with hair that embarrasses his mama and he sounds just like all the other Trashville pretty boys.   Oh well, that is what they make digital music for – I can savor Jack at his best – forever.  It never gets old.

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3 comments to An Angry Young Man

  • don

    Now here is one hellova statement: “his idea of what America owes him seriously clashes with my idea of what America offers me”. That really blew me away. Excellent distillation of an important point.

    Here I am living in the great American West, richest place in the history of the world, and I can’t go into Walmart and buy ammo for my .38 Special because people are hoarding so much of it that Walmart can’t keep it in stock! Jeez, what a deal. Your friend the kid probably has a few thousand rounds buried somewhere though. I’m too old for this stuff!

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    • admin


      Us old guys will be the salvation of this country. Just wait and see.

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  • Joel

    Good post, Andy.

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