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A truck by any other name……

We do a lot of work for doctors. In this day and time that is a good niche market to be in. Internists, sports doctors, kidney doctors –you name it. All kindsa doctors except for dentists, we charge them extra. For some reason doctors love to buy large acreage tracts and then spend substantial dollars to improve the property.

My brother always goes on the initial consultation and the running joke is this:

Ford King Ranch  - The choice of doctors in Texas

Ford King Ranch - The choice of doctors in Texas

Me: “So what was Doc Moneybags driving?”
My bro: ” You know the answer to that without even me telling you.”
Me: ” No sh*t. Was he driving a King Ranch?”
My bro: “What else do these guys drive?”

So I gotta say right now that we are all GM. I don’t know if there was a specific plan but on our jobstes it is all Suburbans and 3500s and Avalanches.  No rhyme or reason — just the way it is.

Last year we were doing a job for a really great MD who was driving — guess what?  A King Ranch.  He was a great guy and loved joining us for Happy Hour on Friday  and Saturday evenings.   After a few beers, we would start to rag him just a teeny bit about that King Ranch.  Over the course of several weeks, I guess the ridicule took its’ toll because one day Doc showed up in a 2500 GMC and told us this story:

“Guys, let me tell ya. You made me really self-conscious about that King Ranch.  it got to where if I drove it to Wal-Mart or Tractor Supply, I would park way over in the corner of the parking lot and hope nobody saw me get out of it. It was a real problem; I was obsessing about that  Ford King Ranch.

I got invited to this bird hunt up in Nebraska and this was just not any bird hunt.  It was prestigious and important.  I had been up there  a few days and I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I was shooting good and holding my liquor well and then I got to noticing….  There was some no shooting sonsabitches there.  I mean to tell ya, they were pitiful.   So after a few days,  I was setting  on the porch of the lodge at the end of the day and I was watching everybody going out to their trucks.  Well. everyone of those no shooting sonsabitches got into a King Ranch.  I flew home and I was down at the GMC dealership the next day.   I pull right up to the front door of Tractor Supply now and park my truck.  I am loving that GMC.”

True story 🙂

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2 comments to A truck by any other name……

  • jameshobbs

    So I here the new Chevrolet V-8 Duramax 6.6 Liter turbo-diesel V-8 engine with 365 horsepower at 3200 RPM with 660 pound per feet of torque and add the new Allison 6-speed is bullet prove. I never owned a diesel and do not totally understand them. but 660 foot pounds of torque is a shit load of pulling power !!
    ” I am a old gas big block guy” I see Chev. came out with a new 8.1L Vortec gas engine with 450 foot pounds of torque is not to shabby What do you guys run Gas or Diesel ?


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  • admin


    Both of the Suburbans are big blocks. The ’96 is a 7.4l and the 2004 is the 8.1l. The 2004 is alot more truck. The 3500 service truck has a Duramax. The Avalanche and Silverado are mainly used for running the roads back and forth and they both have the 5.3l. My bus has a 5.9l Cummins with a 6 speed Allison —all the way back to 1993! 🙂

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