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A Little Good; A Little Bad

You know how it is with something, when it is not working right or it is just plain aggravating to be around, that you tend to shun it? I know that is my nature.  Trying to get MyOldRV back in shape has been like that. It used to be like sliding on a comfortable pair of boots to come here and write. For the last several days, it has been about as pleasant as pullin’ a tick off  my leg. Thank goodness I had a recent database back up of all the posts… looks like I lost the most recent two posts only. The pictures are another story. I have the pictures on my computer but it looks like nothing short of uploading all of them again and then painstakingly editing each post to insert the pics one at a time will suffice.

We are still at the huge Antique Show in Roundtop,TX — probably going to be here through Saturday and then back to Calvert for some paying work. Calvert is only 94 miles distant.

I am sitting here  drinking some The Weller in a chipped Jim Beam glass W.L. Weller Special Reserve tonight in a Jim Beam Black glass with a chip in it. While I guess that would assail the good sensibilities of some people, it suits me pretty well just now. Regular readers know how I love the good Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Blanton’s is my preferred but it is just too pricey to drink on weeknights. I love the regular Jim Beam and 7 UP but since I have been laying around for the last 6 weeks and not getting my normal exercise, the extra calories in the 7 UP were wreaking havoc with my girlish figure. I never cared for the Jim Beam Black straight up. The Weller with a cube of ice to settle the heat just a bit works real well.

Roundtop Cowgirl

So I am sitting here sipping the Weller and thinking about this whole blog thing. About how it has changed from being a simple ‘to do’ deal about a near-antique RV, about the people I have met because of the blog, about the cathartic nature of writing. I have heard from plenty of you this week; condolences about the loss, admonishments to PAY my bills ( I know, I know!) and concerns about whether or not I was going to continue. One exchange stands out. I heard from a retired newspaperman in Central Texas and he said I should continue the blog because he enjoyed my writing — and he didn’t even have an RV! I am mulling that over as I write this.

You see, I have a great respect for the written word. Think about the great documents that have changed the World. The Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation. Pretty heady stuff. The fact that a retired newspaperman wanted me to continue is particularly important. He made his living writing the printed word – day in and day out. No texts, or tweets or Facebook updates. Back in the day, everybody in town took the once weekly newspaper to stay connected. I respect anyone that was able to support themselves in that fashion. Accolades from a person like that go a long way in my book. I don’t count myself as a well educated person. Sure, I graduated High School and attended just about every State University in Tennessee over the course of about 20 years. Looking back, I think I went to college out of boredom more than anything else. Oh well, I would not change a damned thing had I to do it over again.

This last month  has seen the Old Girl traverse the length of Texas. We have seen the best and worst that Texas has to offer. The petro-stink of Beaumont, the teeming throngs of Houston, myriads of small Texas towns that had only the boast of a Dairy Queen — and the pristine High Desert of West Texas. I wrote earlier that it was a life changer and I will flesh in the details as time goes by.

If you listen to the mainstream media or read the most-read blogs, you would think we (collectively) are tottering on the precipice of destruction. Maybe – Maybe not. I don’t know what is going on in Delaware and I don’t really care anyway.(Kudos to Ray Wiley Hubbard -if you understand that reference.)  What I have seen in the last month convinces me that Rural Texas doesn’t really care either. I think most would welcome less interference from Austin or Washington; the real important matters go centric around the amount of rain or the price of cattle or wheat or diesel. Real America is alive and fighting for all it is worth. We don’t know how to do it any other way.

End Note:  When did  it get so easy to lie to me? by Jason and the Scorchers from the CD Halcyon Times — The refrain goes something like this  — “You used me like a rented mule but what kinda fool can this poor boy possibly be?  When did it get so easy to lie to me?”

Wake up Washington!  We are not the fools you take us to be!  I said that. 🙂

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