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A Sunday in Late October.....

Sundays of late have been catch up days. Since we are graced with dry weather and working six days to try and get this job finished, Sundays are maintenance, chores and a little chance to kick back before it all starts again.

The Calvert jobsite in Late October

I went and got water today in the 300 gallon nurse tank for the last time at this job site. The job in North Dallas will have water on site and that will be a luxury I have not had in the past 22 months.

Even though it is late October, Texas is still serving up the severe weather for which it is infamous. There has been a dry line out to our west for the last 3 days, slowly creeping east. Severe unsettled weather has been common place in the outflow boundary. The weather radio has been going off for the last 3 hours and we have a tornado warning for the next few hours. Two tornadoes on the ground and baseball sized hail just a scant 30 miles north of us. I can hear the thunder rumbling. I am hoping it will not reach this far south. My “tornado plan” over the last 3 years involves a 40 ton bulldozer and crawling underneath it. The closest I have gotten to enacting the plan was in Newton County last year. The tornado was about 2 miles east and I had my headlamp on my head and my boots on while the weather radio crackled with update after update.

Speaking of the weather and the elements, I have developed a sensitivity to too much intense sun over the last few years. My bro and I go the whole route as far as protection. Long sleeves year round and Wrangler jeans, big hats and gloves if I am operating a piece of equipment which has an open cab. If you are in the Deep Southwest, check out the native garb. Most will be dressed similarly. The sun just eats you up this far south. In my younger days, I lost count of the severe sunburns I received. It was just a rite of passage when you started the summer on the farm. I am sure that is one reason I am overly sensitive at this later stage in life. This past May, I foolishly over exposed myself and the bumpy, red, itchy rash appeared which to me, is indicative of sun poisoning. Just something I had to put up with for a few days; except this time it did not go away. Not in a week or a month or even two months and I started to get concerned. Somewhere during my interwebs surfing, I came across a vague reference to aspartame and persistent sun rashes. Hmmmmm,  aspartame is the sweetener for diet soda. I have to confess at that point I was probably drinking 6-9 diet Pepsis every day. So I got to checking into this aspartame stuff and discovered it may be pretty nasty stuff, depending on who you choose to believe.

Now you gotta understand I am nowhere near a health nut. I don’t consciously seek out healthy food. I smoke, drink whiskey and beer and love my meat and potatoes and fried food. The aspartame opponents had enough credibility that I decided giving up on the diet sodas was worth a shot. I needed to drink more water any way!  Imagine my surprise when the rash abated in just a few days.  You know, I am just a trusting soul but this little discovery really opened up my eyes.  I no longer blithely trust the food stuffs on the grocery shelves as being inherently safe to eat.   It really boils down to greed folks…. and ethics be damned.  I am sure my blog buddy Tango will chime in on this. She has been on quite the crusade against GMO foods.

Tuco - being less than frenetic.

Miss Kathy has a dog.  Tuco.  Tuco is a coming 3 year old Gordon Setter and she is most times sweet and loving;  consistent with the general nature of Gordons as a breed .  She tends to get her floppy ears in the food bowl and she woofs! with authority when she wishes to go out.   However,  being a working dog, the confines of the Old Girl sometimes become too much and she turns into Tuco the Frenetic. Tuco the Frenetic digs, ducks under the Fish Bus at full gallop and runs around like her hair is on fire. It is not a pretty sight. Everybody knows having a dog is about like having a 5 year old in the house.

Remember when body powder didn’t come in a plastic bottle with those squeezer holes on top? It came in a round container that was about as big as a coffee can but shorter. It also had a puffy thing to apply the powder. Our coffee can o’ powder sat on the back of the toilet. When I was about 5, the powder deal got the best of me. It smelled good. It had that puffy thing that fascinated me –and it was in easy reach. So one day I locked the bathroom door and proceeded to powder every square inch of the bathroom and the extremely nekkid me. Tuco the Frenetic is like that. Sometimes she just can’t help herself.

This morning, I rounded the front of the Fish Bus

The demise of the Stinky Slinky

to chain up the nurse tank and was met with utter destruction. A once good sewer hose lay mangled on the ground next to a large dog looking hole.  Tuco the Frenetic rounded the front of the Old Girl at about the same time running full tilt and effortlessly sailed right over the top of the blowed up hose. ” Kathy, Call your damned dog!” I bellowed loudly enough to be heard in Calvert. Tuco pulled up short and look confused;  me yelling closely followed by Miss Kathy yelling at her. What’s a dog to do?

Luckily, I had a spare section of hose available and kept repeating  “She is like a 5 year old”  over and over.

End Note: Smiling Faces by Rare Earth from the MA cd.  Solid late 60’s classic rock with an overtone of Motown — as well it should be.  Rare Earth recorded for the Motown label.  I used to know how that came to be but it now belongs in that cottony soft fog of things in my brain I can almost remember.

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1 comment to A Sunday in Late October…..

  • Blars

    Of course you can’t safely consume a food just because it is on the grocery shelf. People differ — some are alergic to penuts, others have problems with aspartame (aka nutrasweet). Diet sodas are also available with sucralose (aka splenda). Different people have bad reactions to it. Brands that use sucralose include Shasta, Hansens, and Diet coke with splenda. Fountain sodas tend to use even different sweeteners than the store versions. (Fountain surup often is stored hot enough that aspartame breaks down.) Some brands mix multiple sweeteners.

    I had a bad reaction to a prescription drug, so my doctor switched me to another related one that caused me no problem. Both drugs have the exact same list of possible side effects.

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