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Normal Is As Normal Does...

Saturday was moving day for the Old Girl.  It was time to pack up

4 acres of lake just waiting on the water

and head north. All the time I was picking up and stowing away, I was musing about how foreign this lifestyle would be to most people. Living in less than 200 square feet of space with a well spoken and oft opinionated blond and a large sasquatch of a hairy black and tan dog does have its’ moments. Dealing with the aches and pains of an aging RV can be frustrating. I am dead sure positive I would not put one of those purty and new, gel coated, thinly constructed wonders in half the places the Old Girl has been and expect them to survive.

It was fun pondering the path(s) taken over the last 4 years that resulted in me standing in 2 inches of talcum-fine dust trying to figure out where my DISH dish would fit.  It hasn’t been all fun and games; that is for sure.  Hard physical labor is a good thing at my ever accelerating age.  Building things that will outlast my lifetime and then some is pretty cool.  It surely has not been about the money. Hell no!  I used to make more in 2 months than I do all year long now.  (subliminal message: Click the Chip In button.  Click it now. Andy needs that 20 bucks. He needs it now. 🙂 )

Pulling out the gate at Calvert

Maybe it is fitting that the picture to the left is almost a mirror opposite of the picture I took when I got here almost nine months ago to the day. Quite frankly, I was dreading the 175 mile trip north.  I was trying to remember when was the last time I had transected a major metro area in the Old Girl.  Metro messes and high volume interstate highway systems are not where we are at.  Fully 60 miles of the trip was going to be through some of the most heavily congested and snarled up mess to be found in Tejas…. and I was a lumbering and ponderous 53 feet long with that big a$$ Suburban hitched to the back bumper.  It was almost enough to give me heartburn – almost.

Well, everything worked and the white knuckle events were minimal.  The old tires held air and the mighty 230hp Cummins propelled us north to our destination.  I had met with the owner way back in August specifically to let him know what would be required for two RVs  to set up living during the construction project.   Our parking area was on an old home site that had been demolished and had an existing septic system.  Power was to be run from about 50 yards away to somewhere near the septic inlet.  I requested 2 50amp RV plugs and 2 20amp regular type plugs.   Water is at the road– 200 yards away.  I haven’t exactly figured out how that is gonna work.   On arrival, I saw we had a temporary power pole set up but it was about 20 yards away from the septic.  Well, I could deal with it.  When I inspected the outlet boxes I saw a problem.  All 50amp receptacles are not created equal as most of you know.  Evidently this electrician thought a 50amp welder plug would suffice for an RVconnection.  What I needed was a NEMA  14-50R.  What I got was  a NEMA 6-50R.  They are different animals.  RVs use a NEMA 14-50R, just so’s you know.   I will get that corrected before my bro arrives later this week.  For the time being we are just plugged in to the 20amp connection.

We are back in urban civilization for the first time in many years.

The new digs in Far North Dallas

This is a 17 acre rancheria that was split off from a slightly larger tract. The original owner lives to the south and for right now we enter the property on his driveway. A new driveway is on the to do list so we don’t put him out any more than necessary. There is traffic noise and horns honking and helicopters flying and the like. Just noisy as hell. We also have neighbors. The eastern border of the property is the backyards of about 10 houses. Miss Kathy caught one of the neighbors checking us out over the fence last night under the pretense of walking some small furry dog. I imagine our goings on will be the topic of local gossip over the next few weeks.

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