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Adios AT&T Broadband Wireless

Regular readers will know I have been having some problems with AT&T Broadband Wireless.  Actually, more than some problems.  They have managed to absolutely alienate a true customer and supporter.  My account with AT&T goes back to 2005.   That is a damned  long time to stay true to one wireless carrier.  I have recommended them and stood behind them every inch of the way until the Fall of 2010.

At that point, they chose to change the terms of my unlimited data connect plan which had been in force for years.  Being the naive person I am, I had no idea they could arbitrarily change the terms of service on the contract.  So my unlimited plan became a 5gb limited plan like everyone elses.  5gb is just simply not enough for me.  My quickest option was to sign up for another 5gb plan and just switch the sim cards when one approached the limit.  It sucked.  My broadband bill alone was $130 a month.

I looked at other options including Hughesnet and other carriers.  Hughesnet was in the lead especially since I was going to get a manual tripod dish.  All the other broadband carriers were about the same  — 5gb data limit.  Sounds almost like collusion doesn’t it?

Sometime about the end of the year, I received a letter that just flew all over me. The letter said that since I had roamed ‘excessively’ for 2 consecutive months, that I had to agree to a no roaming limitation on my UNLIMITED data connect plan.  I knew hat they were talking about— The Terlingua and Back trip last fall.  The letter was ominously worded that I had to call them by January 8th or they would suspend my service.

What a crock! I called them and gave the lady the code to identify the nature of my call. She said ‘ Oh yes, I see you have been roaming excessively over two consecutive months.’ Well we narrowed it down a little bit from there….

It seems I roamed for 4 days total and used about 80mb of bandwidth. The 4 days included the last 2 days of September and the first two days of October.

I asked the lady “Do you see any other instances of my roaming?”

She said ” Not in the past 6 months.”

I said “Check every month for the last 5 YEARS”

“That will take some time.”

“I will wait.”

She came back after several minutes and said ” Sir, you have no roaming over the last 5 years except for the 4 days noted.”

I about lost it. ” You mean to tell me you are going to impose MORE restrictions on my account because of this small amount of roaming?”

“Yes sir. That is company policy.”

“What that is, young lady, is unbridled greed.”

“Sir, do you accept the roaming limitation on your account?”

“Not at this time, I will let you know.”

Several readers had suggested I check out Millenicom Wireless

My feelings -exactly

and I had done that already.  As soon as I got off the phone with AT&T, I logged on and checked them out again.  Well, they were running a deal where they gave you the aircard free for January 2011 so I signed up on the spot.  20gb of data a month on the Verizon network with no contract for $59.00.  I got the aircard in 3 days and I have been using it for the last 10 days.  I used it for about a week to make sure it worked correctly and then I called AT&T.

I cancelled BOTH my broadband wireless accounts.   I cannot believe that once good company has gone so bad.  They are totally consumed with greed,  never again will I give them any business.

End Note: American Dream by Matt King from the Rube cd.

Part of the chorus:

Look at this face that won’t come clean

and tell me if you see the American Dream.

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2 comments to Adios AT&T Broadband Wireless

  • Are you still happy with the service from millenicom? We used to have verizon and encountered the same issue with the silly caps. Went over to VirginMobile (with a mifi) because they have “unlimited” as well….but they just changed their terms of use as well to not “cap” you after 5 gb per month, but rather to throttle your bandwidth after 5 gb.

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    • admin

      Hi Shawn,
      I guess I am just about 30 days with Millenicom now. There have been zero issues. It works like it is supposed to with this caveat… I have not used it anywhere besides this single location.

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