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The First Good Sweat

New tires 83 degrees today and time to get cracking on some overdue maintenance on the Old Girl.  Late this week I ordered some new front tires for the Old Girl from Tire Rack.  I have been using Tire Rack for years and one of the things I really like is their rating system.  Tire owners, like you and me,  rate the tires they have bought on about a dozen different factors like dry traction, wet traction, road noise and wear.   I don’t think I have bought a set of duds from them.  Another thing I like about Tire Rack is they will drop ship the tires to an installer in your area with which they have an agreement and set install price.   I ordered them on Wednesday and danged if they didn’t show up the next day in Sherman.  Can’t hardly beat that service.

The installer called me on Friday and said he had the tires but there was one little problem.  He didn’t mount 19.5″ tires — they broke his machine.  So I did some calling around and found another place in Sherman that will install the tires for $17.50 per tire which is fair.  We will do that on the way out of town to the new job this coming week.

Can you see the air?

I was ashamed to have waited this long to replace those steering axle tires.  It should have been done last year as they were dry rotted pretty danged bad.   Every time Miss Kathy set out on a trip I would offer up a silent plea ‘Just get us there one more time Old Girl.’    But you know how money is and tires are anything but cheap.  I was talking to My Bro bout getting new tires and he told me he had 19.5″ tires on that fancy new Dodge  – and he hated them.  Bad  road wander he said.  Apparently that big old Dodge has a straight front axle and it just does not like those factory tires.  Little Bro said the online forums were full of people with the same problems.  Well, I put my name in the hat for his take offs because I just know he will not put up with that road wandering mess.  I betcha he gets some of those high dollar Michelin tires — he likes those….  and by golly, I will go from tire poor to tire rich.  I could care less about the ‘road wander’.  The Old Girl wanders so bad now I doubt a set of tires is going to make it any worse.  It has always been a two fisted drive with the Old Girl.  The previous owners have several tickets in the repair book trying to fix it.  They even put one of those steering stabilizers on it.  Looks like it worked about as good as trying to push a water hose.

I got an email from my sis-in-law asking if I would replace the kitchen faucet on their fiver today.  Of course, I did it but it took a little longer than replacing the faucet in their bathroom. I really wish she would not be replacing all those faucets. Every time she does, I get the stink eye from Miss Kathy because she believes way down deep in her heart that the Old Girl needs new faucets too. She mutters stuff like ‘service station bathrooms’ and ‘white trash palace’ and such. Hell, when you twist the knob, water squirts out. I don’t have to wiki it to know that is as it should be. Honestly, I think I have about run my string out though. After two trips to Lowe’s today to get stuff because an RV faucet and a Moen faucet don’t exactly geehaw, I made up my mind that if faucet replacement is on the books I am going to do it with the Old Girl in the parking lot at Lowe’s.  I will probably keep that idea in my back pocket until I need some brownie points with Miss Kathy.

Down and dirty with the Generac generator

The other thing on the list today was to service the Generac 6.6kw propane generator. I have had good service out of that 18 year old generator and one reason that is a fact is because I take care of it. Regular services with premium quality oil and good filters — NO FRAM!– and I change out the plugs every other time I service it. BTW, I change the air filter AND oil filter at 100 hours. A generator sure does make life easier and you just never know when it will go from being a luxury to a necessity– case in point 2 weeks ago when the power went out all day with the temps in the low teens.  I was just praying that voting age generator would fire off with that propane setting so cold in the tank.  People talk about the virtues of gas vs diesel vs propane generators and I gotta say I truly believe the propane generators may be the longest lived.   They just burn so danged clean  — you really can’t beat them.

I am trying to get in a self-sufficient mind set for this new job.  I will not have all the tools and welders and compressors and such that we have always had on one of our job sites.  We tote around enough stuff to rebuild the Space Shuttle if it comes down to it and I know I am going to miss that.   The computers, TV and satellite dish have been running off the 1000w inverter since noon today… just practicing.  It has been quite a while since we have had to go the hardscrabble route and I am just making sure everything works like it is supposed to.  When you are left to your own resources in a remote location, boondocking can get pretty serious.

End Note: All Right Now by Free from the Fire and Water cd. Been awhile since some good ole 1970’s rock and roll snuck in here.

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1 comment to The First Good Sweat

  • coal

    Now your in the heat again, temps sure change fast down there. Were in the cold still and expecting snow this coming week. Be about another 6 weeks till we have some decent consistent warm weather.

    The old fords with the twin i beam front suspension were bad for wandering all over the road back in the day. Good quality tires did help though. Looking at the Goodyears on my fiver, they are now five years old, look great and lots of tread left, but they say a tire is only good for five years???????

    Safe trip keep posting

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