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Long Distance Lovin'

The twins

Wednesday was a road trip day. I bought another military cargo trailer in Hooks, TX which is hard by Texarkana — 2 hours and 40 minutes away. The first trailer was sold on eBay for some some good coin and I am just waiting on the ‘Dude’ to pick it up next week. Hell, it is paid for and I am not paying rent for it to sit here. Seems this Dude wants the trailer to haul a large crystal to Taos. ‘Uh huh’ I say. He says the crystal glows and you can see pictures in it. ‘Well. alrighty then.’ I assure him his new trailer should handle that chore as long as the crystal is not bigger than a refrigerator or weighs more than a ton. I really, really wish I had one of those Roswell Space Alien ball caps to be wearing when the Dude comes to pick up the trailer. I bet he gets that channel too; just sayin’.

So I was looking forward to the road trip because the tires on the Suburban were just getting a tad bit mossy. The pick up location was the Red River Army Depot and I was just getting done with the elaborate check in process when I get a text from Miss Kathy. Lord love her but she seems to have forgotten that you can actually speak to some one with a phone. I can tell you her iPhone is used alot more for texting and surfing the interwebz. So the text says “Can I run the generator?”

That is a puzzlement and I have trouble wrapping my brain around just what is going on with the Old Girl since I am absent. I manage a quick hands free call. I am dodging Humvees, and Bradleys and curious little tow tractors pulling trailers with unidentifiable items (to me) on them. No one but me seems to be observing the speed limit. No way I could have managed the call with the phone stuck to my ear, I am just not that good. It seems there is no power to the 110v outlets on the Old Girl but the microwave is on. I immediately suspect the GFCI has popped. Miss K says she is pushing it in but no power. Her immediate needs are some o’ that Food Network on DISH and COFFEE. I manage to get that part up and going via the inverter before I get to the building to pick up the trailer. I tell her I will call back once I wrestle my new trailer away from the DoD.

The paper work takes 4X longer to do than the actual pick up of my new desert tan baby. I call Miss Kathy back and try to do the mental flow chart thing of just what it could be — no joy. She is quite happy with the DISH murmuring in the background as we talk. She has had more than one dose from the Keurig I can tell. All is well in her world and her cheery parting words are ‘I know you can fix it when you get home.’

Old Girl surgery

Well I can tell you I arrived home with a definite agenda. 2 hours and 40 minutes of mulling this thing over and all of my OCD tendencies are front and center. I hate stuff like this because it eats me up. Cait used to call it ‘being on a mission.’ I absolutely cannot kick back until the problem is fixed. It doesn’t take long to figure out the 15amp breaker that runs all the 110v outlets in the Old Girl has finally given up the ghost. A breaker is a piece of cake to replace provided you have the correct breaker. 10 hours of driving and Federal Government BS have pretty much worn me to a frazzle. I hand the breaker now known as ‘Toast’ to Miss K and ask her to go get a new one at Lowes. She pretty much knows when I am deep in a mission and in the last stages of terminal OCDness. She pulls her jeans on and is out the door in a quick five. Maybe going to Lowes is better than hanging out with me in my current state. Where is that cold Miller Lite anyway? I need some medicine.

The breaker is replaced in short order after Miss Kathy makes a record setting run to Lowes during North Dallas rush hour pandemonium. All is well with the Old Girl and an imminent OCD fueled panic attack is averted.

End Note Twofer: Brown Eyed Blues by Ben Harper from the Live at the Hollywood Bowl cd. -AND- Gold to Me by BH from the Fight for Your Mind cd.

Back in the day, when Cait was absorbing music like a sea sponge and nobody knew what an iPod was, Bill’s Records and Tapes in Richardson was the place to be. I can’t describe Bill’s and I will not even try. Suffice to say, he was the last independent Mom and Pop record store in Dallas and he was an old curmudgeon back in 2003. He still is and he is. Any way Bill was a big fan of Ben Harper back then. Six months or so ago I was cruising Zune Online and saw Ben Harper. The neurons aligned and the synapses clicked and I went back to 2003. I am glad I did. Check him out folks.

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1 comment to Long Distance Lovin’

  • teammasonusa

    Ben has been in our ears for the last nine years. He’s traveled w/ us through the smoky mtns to the high desert. From the bayou to the alaskan terrain. Dan was a pilot, flying banners on the beaches of florida @ 26 & I was an 18 year old waitress… 6 months later we got married w/ Ben’s song Forever playing on the back porch of a preacher’s home, in the middle of an Illinois farmland, w/ two golden retrievers. 🙂 If you haven’t already checked out Ryan Adam’s : Heartbreaker… it sounds like it’d be up yours & ms. K’s alley. We love steve earl too & saw him in salt lake last summer.

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