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Sunday Chores at the Fulltimer Base

Unless the work schedule is all jacked up because of forecast bad weather interfering with a project deadline, Sundays are an off day. Today was a pretty routine Sunday. Sleep till the sun streams in the window and wakes me up; which equates to 715am or so. It was chilly at 37 degrees so I warmed up the Old Girl with the Little Buddy propane heater as the coffee was brewing. CBS Sunday Morning on the TV and checking emails took about an hour. I decided to take some coffee outside to the “Church of the Piney Woods” and it was so nice and tranquil out there!

Being 30 miles from the closest decent sized town (Jasper,TX Pop 5500) has pros and cons. It is an expedition to go into town. I try to wait until it is absolutely necessary and I have a good list of supplies and tasks. There is a convenience store about 7 miles away and it is convenient! I would guess they are the only store of any type in a 20 mile radius at least and they do a brisk business. They stock the essentials like milk,bread,beer and the like at only slightly elevated prices over what I can get it for in Jasper. It beats an hour drive -that is for sure! The good part of being this far out is that you are not continually running out to the store for something. It is not uncommon for me to stay inside the locked entrance gate for a week at a time. I enjoy that shift from the hectic go-go-g0 rat race of the Big City like Dallas to the more laid back country scene.

So today’s list was dumping tanks and going for water. I filled the onboard potable water tank first and had about 20 gallons of water left over in the 300 gallon tank. That was a nice bonus! I dumped the black tank and then hooked up the tank washer to the portable tank and give it a much needed rinsing. When we are on a limited supply like we are now the black tank certainly does not get rinsed every time. While I conserve as much water as I can in other areas, I always make sure the black tank has plenty of extra water added. Always! I have always used the GEO Method. No disinfectants, no deodorizers, no other chemicals. If you are not familiar with the GEO Method click the link. The text file is here on the website and it is easily printable. It will solve most of your black tank problems!

After a little straightening and cleaning up outside, it was time to head after some potable water which is just one of the things you have to keep track of when you are boondocking. I was going to go up to the Resort where

300 gallon potable water tank

300 gallon potable water tank

my brother had his Heartland 5er parked 25 miles away. He had decided that he needed some full hookups for a change of pace and the resort was closer to Pineland, TX where he had the Cessna 182 parked. The nice folks at the Fin and Feather Resort on Toledo Bend Lake deserve a mention here.  They have been so nice and accommodating.  I have gotten water there before, they have allowed us to park equipment trailers there and just been nice in general.  My brother had grown tired of the Resort cable and he wanted me to set up his DISH network for him so off  I went.

Just a nice relaxed Sunday and I got back just before dark and in time to see the end of the Las Vegas NASCAR race.

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