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Spring Cleaning out in the Boondocks

I don’t have to pack the Fish Bus for a trip — it stays packed. As a matter of fact, it has been well over a year since my motor home has seen home base in Dallas,TX. Right now here north of Newton, TX on the jobsite I am 250 miles from home base. When you work in a self-sufficient environment like we do far from home you just learn what to have on hand. Filters, belts, fluids, tools, welders, first aid supplies, weeks worth of clothes; it all goes toward being successful at what we do.

I wish we had a 40 foot cargo trailer to store all the stuff we carry with us. Reality is we are always cramped for space and every little piece of support paraphernalia has its’ little spot. Just like a huge puzzle.

Boondock Spring Cleaning

Boondock Spring Cleaning

Today was a gorgeous spring day to do a through cleaning and evaluation of the outside storage compartments on the Old Girl. I put a notepad and pen in my pocket and started pulling stuff out of the underbody compartments. Man oh man! Stuff can accumulate! 4 bags of charcoal that ranged from a few briquettes to an almost full bag. Consolidate them down to two bags. Mud and straw and itty bitty pieces of styrofoam in the boxes were blown out with the air hose. I had sewer hose fittings seemingly strewn helter skelter through at least 2 storage areas.  Working my way back toward the engine compartment, I discovered 2 empty jugs of anti-freeze left over from the water pump replacement on the Cummins 230 back in the winter but no full jugs.  Anti-freeze went on the growing list in my pocket.

Once the inventory was completed, I got out the trash bag and started filling it up.  I tend to have more than a little pack

Can a man have too many boots?

Can a man have too many boots?

rat in me and throwing stuff away is hard!  However, when you have limited storage space you just have to make those tough decisions. Soon the first black trash bag was full and then I got to my pile of boots, shoes and sandals.   Wait! Sandals?  What possible business do sandals have on a snaky construction site?  I mean this isn’t suburbia and it is not like I am going to wear them on a leisurely stroll across manicured lawns. Realistically speaking, I probably need a good pair of boots, work boots, rubber boots and my house shoes to wear when it is a little chilly in the RV. So how did I end up with this huge conglomeration of footwear that ranged from nearly new to dilapidated and run over?

Good question! Over the course of a year, stuff accumulates. It is easier just to shove it in a corner than it is to think about whether you really need it or not. Spring cleaning, with everything laying out there on the ground in front of you, brings it all home and makes it easier to make those hard decisions.

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