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The Praises of a Gen-Turi Exhaust System for your RV

There are a few subjects on the RV internet forums that immediately polarize the readers into separate camps. Overnighting at Wal-mart, how much can I tow and the Gen-Turi.

A Gen-Turi is a nifty little add on to your built in generator’s exhaust system. It just takes the exhaust fumes

The venturi on the Gen-Turi

The venturi on the Gen-Turi

from the bottom of your motor home where they tend to spread along the ground and puts the fumes out over the top of your coach. It is an ingenious design.  It gets its’ name form the venturi effect it generates to waft the fumes 12 feet out the top of the pipe. It slides over your generator’s exhaust outlet with an adapter, clips to the side of your recreational vehicle to help support the 9lb weight and keep it pulled into the side of your motor home and has sections of pipe that are easy to install and make for compact storage.

So why do people get so worked up about this seemingly beneficial accessory for your motor home?   It divides up two ways.

One group thinks they are unnecessary.  I don’t even bother to argue with these poor souls.  Carbon monoxide is a stone killer and I am taking no chances when there is a viable alternative that effectively eliminates the risk.  Even though I have never been in close quarters with a large group of RVers like at a football game tailgate or large rally, it gives me cold chills to think about all of the carbon monoxide being generated by countless generators running round the clock.  What about the folks parked next to you and your generator is spewing exhaust right into their motor home.  What are these people thinking?

The other divided camp are the ones who think the Camco Gen-Turi is overpriced and they can rig up a homemade copy.  I have seen some

Camco Gen-Turi installed on my motor home.

Camco Gen-Turi installed on my motor home.

of these efforts and they succeed to a varying degree.  Again,  I am not taking the chance of the venturi not being constructed properly or the pipes melting on some homemade rig that I am staking my life on. Now I am all about saving money but in this case , I just don’t see it! Amazon has the Camco Manufacturing Inc. 44461 Gen-Turi Generator Exhaust Venting System for less than $150.

When I arrive at a new jobsite, the Gen-Turi is the second tier of things I set up. Even though I usually don’t need it except when I am doing the extreme boondocking thing I always hook it up. We are usually out in rural areas and the power may go out in the middle of the night and I want to be ready.

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