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Simultaneous use of 2 Air Conditioners in a 30amp Coach

I just don’t understand some of the design aspects of the older 30amp motor homes. Particularly when it comes to the air conditioners. Most 30 foot and better Class A coaches have front and rear AC units. With a 30amp power source like you would get from a shore power connection you can only run one air conditioner at a time

What? Doesn’t that seem crazy? I know in Texas during the summer one AC unit will not even come close to keeping my recreational vehicle comfortably cool. If you think about it though it makes sense. The high amp draw on startup from two AC units would completely overload a 30amp power supply. If you have an onboard generator the situation changes. Generators from that time period usually fed two separate circuits. One supplied all the power to the recreational vehicle and the second circuit powered nothing but the additional AC unit. Voila! If you run your generator you can run both air conditioning units at the same time. Coordination of all this is done with an EMS – an energy management system. You have an EMS if you have switches in your coach that say “Front Air” and “Rear Air”. If they sometimes flash and delay the start of the AC unit for a couple of minutes you definitely have an EMS.

It did not take me long to figure out the inadequacy of this 30amp system on my Dolphin 32D. There was no way I was going to be able to live comfortably in my RV with just one AC unit. I knew this was not just my problem so I reasoned someone had come up with a work around. Remember, the Internet is your friend!

Power Solutions Dual Power Adapter

Power Solutions Dual Power Adapter

Sure enough, I ended up at the Power Solutions website.  Their solution was to add an additional power box and tap it into the generator supply line going to the second AC.  You could then add a second shore power source and power the additional AC unit simultaneously.  They also provide an override switch for the EMS.

This is not and easy Plug N Play upgrade.  There are multiple wiring configurations used by different coach manufacturers and there are even some variation within RV manufacturers.  Power Solutions has been around for awhile and seen most of the different configurations. Their documentation and installation tries to pinpoint your wiring configuration and then give you concise installation constructions.  I found I needed some additional clarification and I must say the customer service support I got was exceptional.   This upgrade would be best attempted by someone with advanced to intermediate skills.   The benefits are well worth the effort!

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Simultaneous use of 2 Air Conditioners in a 30amp Coach, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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