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The Best Laid Plans….

Left Terlingua with time to spare and babied the Old Girl up through Ft Stockton and McCamey and Rankin in this ungodly heat. We pulled into San Angelo a few hours before dark right on time…. Miss K wanted another shot at that HEB grocery store. I am not a good shopper so I took the opportunity to do a once around of the rig.

Age plays hell on equipment. Even if the miles are low the days and months and years will take their toll. Insulation on wires becomes brittle, belts crack, seals deteriorate and hoses fail.

There is diesel fuel all over the front of the Suburban and it pours out of the right side of the engine where all the fuel pumps and filters and plumbing is whenever the system is pressurized. Looks like we are in for a little asphalt boondocking until the sun comes up in the morning. It was way too hot (engine as well) to screw with it tonight.

Hell, I look at it this way…… A little oil or fuel or whatever always looks like it is alot more than it really is when it is atomized into the slipstream. Whatever the problem is happened in the last 50 miles or so. It could have happened back there on US 67, 33 miles from BFE Crossroads, TX. As it is, we are in one of the largest towns in the area; the Old Girl got us this far and ever road trip needs a dash of drama.

Up to me to get the rehab done. Time for a beer is what I think.

Later y’all.

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